Know the hobbies of Supa Crank it.

There is arguably and no music producer that has achieved success at a more exponential rate than Supa Crank It . Although one of the most popular music producer to become a globally recognized musicians Supa Crank It age has never held him back from world domination and he continues to increase his influence year after year. As an inspiration for budding young artists, there are many out there who hope to recreate his path to success.

At a conversation that we have with him , Supa Crank It confirm that is so excited about  the good feedback and comments from people all around the world that use and buy his music. Supa Crank it is charming, funny and, at least for the duration of the interview, full of beans: impressive, considering he landed in the UK at 3am. As you’d expect from the (relatively) new kid on the block, he’s very happy to be here.

He confirm like the second hobby is the football game and he’s a big fan of Real Madrid team. His favourite player is Cristiano Ronaldo and he hope this year Juventus Fotball Club can win the Champions League competition.

His favourite food is pizza and in general Supa Crank it like so much the Italian food. “Spanish is a sexy language and Dutch sounds like you’re choking” is what he tell us.

Another hobby of Supa Crank It is reading comments of his followers at all his social networks and for this he have something to say…

“You can never please everybody,” Supa Crank it shrugs. “I told to Anthony, I would read 99 good comments and one bad comment, and I would remember the bad one. And he was like, ‘dude, why the f*** would you pay attention to one bad comment? You just made 99 people happy!’

“There are always people who’ll hate on something, but if there’s one person I can make happy, I’m happy as well.”