KPL Transfers: I am not leaving AFC Leopards for Gor Mahia – Odhiambo

The child has actually now come out to state he is still contracted to Ingwe and will be at the Den for the brand-new season

AFC Leopards child Austin Odhiambo has actually come out to clarify he has not left the club for competitors Gor Mahia.

Social media has actually been awash with reports connecting the young midfielder to the Kenyan Premier League (KPL) champs ahead of the brand-new season.

However, Odhiambo, who was promoted to Ingwe’s senior group from the junior group, has actually now come out to state he has a running agreement with the club and is not planning to break it.

“I have had rumours going around that I have left AFC Leopards for Gor Mahia and I want to state here categorically that I have not done so,” Odhiambo informed the club’s TELEVISION

“I am still a player for AFC Leopards and I want to assure the fans that I love this great club and will be here for many seasons to come.”

In an earlier interview with Goal, Ingwe chairman Dan Shikanda came out to clarify the circumstance, mentioning Odhiambo is contracted to the club up until December 2023, and the buy-out provision in the gamer’s agreement just uses to foreign groups.

“Those are rumours from those who wish to destabilise AFC Leopards, Austin [Odhiambo] is our gamer, he has an agreement with us up until December 2023, and in the provision, he can not sign for a regional group however can just be enabled to sign for a group outside the nation,” Shikanda informed Goal on Tuesday.

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“No group as approached us for the gamer, not even Gor Mahia, not even the gamer concerning state he wishes to leave, the gamer understands what provision he signed when he joined us from the youth group, so I do not comprehend when individuals state he has actually left AFC.

“I want to assure our fans Odhiambo doesn’t have an exit clause for local teams so they should not be worried, we always talk to our players every day and they know, even Gor Mahia have not approached him, even Gor Mahia know the rules and they cannot move to bend them.”

Gor Mahia are stated to be eager to sign Odhiambo as a possible replacement for their captain Kenneth Muguna, who has actually honestly mentioned he will leave the club ahead of the brand-new season.