Kyle Long explains himself after perceived shot at Bears coaching staff

Kyle Long has been entertaining an NFL comeback, but doesn’t desire to rejoin the Bears.

Despite previously announcing his retirement in January, Kyle Long isn’t fully devoted to life after football. The veteran offensive tackle publicly stated he’d consider finding its way back in the best situation, but that doesn’t appear to are the current addition of the Chicago Bears.

Long stated on Twitter he’d “wait for a new staff” before signing with the Bears. While which was initially deemed a direct shot at Matt Nagy and his assistants, Long quickly backpedalled and explained himself, stating that he didn’t mean to speak ill will of Nagy.

Kyle Long wouldn’t come back to play for the Chicago Bears.

The Bears declined Long’s option this offseason, essentially forcing him in to retirement against his will. It’s as yet not known exactly what that he meant with that comment, as he’s previously played under Nagy and the Bears earned both a brand new offensive coordinator (Bill Lazor) and offensive line coach (Juan Castillo) this offseason.

Once his original comment gained traction among fans, that he cleared up his statement extremely slightly.

Vaguer than ever! Long’s complicated relationship with the team could possibly be stemming from how his previous tenure ended, but limiting his options suggests he has yet another team at heart should that he fully invest in an NFL comeback. Chicago, which opted not to keep Long around when they had a choice in the matter, probably isn’t itching and swelling to bring him back into the fold anyway.

Long’s injury history makes any NFL return a calculated decision, as he’d have to be prepared to take on the chance of further limiting his post-football life, which is more relevant to him now as part of your.

At the very least, Long isn’t planning to snitch on Nagy and the Bears coaching staff to limit future roster potential. But that doesn’t mean he’s willing to join Round 2.

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