Labour meltdown as MPs warn the next leader can’t be ‘Corbyn without a beard’

Labour is ripping itself apart over the election crisis now as Emily Thornberry angrily denied accusations she branded northern Brexit voters’dumb’.  

The struggle for the soul of this celebration has turned nasty in the aftermath of the outstanding drubbing at the hands of the Tories.

Senior figures raged that Jeremy Corbyn is’in captivity’ for asserting his hard-Left stage was responsible for Labour’s worst performance because the 1930s.

He said press strikes and Brexit were responsible to the rout and 80-powerful Tory majority in Parliament.

At a barbarous verdict on her former coworkers this afternoon, Caroline Flint – that had been ousted from her Don Valley chair at the rout – cautioned that another leader cannot be’Corbyn with no beard’.

Emily Thornberry (pictured left with Jeremy Corbyn at the Islington count on Friday morning) was accused of swiping that northern Brexit voters are 'stupid'

Emily Thornberry (pictured left by Jeremy Corbyn in the Islington count on Friday afternoon ) was accused of ripping that northern Brexit Republicans’ are’dumb’

Caroline Flint - who was ousted from her Don Valley seat in the rout - warned that the next leader cannot be 'Corbyn without a beard'

Caroline Flint – that had been ousted from the Don Valley chair at the rout – cautioned that another leader cannot be’Corbyn with no blossom’

Shadow minister Clive Lewis posted a message on Twitter today suggesting that voters were responsible for making the wrong decision in the election

Shadow Union Clive Lewis published a message on Twitter now indicating that Republicans were responsible for making the incorrect choice at the election

The ex-minister insisted nobody who’d a hand at the muddled Brexit coverage, which required a renengotation followed with another referendum by which Mr Corbyn would remain impartial, needs to be in the framework to accept charge. 

Naming shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer and Mrs Thornberry, who represent Remain-backing fundamental London chairs, she explained:’Keir Starmer led us into a policy which didn’t hear Leave voices who advocated caution.

Ken Livingstone asserts Jeremy Corbyn didn’t make ANY errors in election crisis

Ken Livingstone said Jeremy Corbyn, whose party was dramatically put to the sword by the Tories, was persecuted for being a 'genuine Socialist'

Ken Livingstone stated Jeremy Corbyn, whose celebration was radically put to the sword from the Tories, was famous for being a’real Socialist’

Jeremy Corbyn didn’t make any significant mistakes at the catastrophic election effort and just fell victim to some’vile smear campaign’ over anti-Semitism, Ken Livingstone promised now.

The former London mayor stated Mr Corbyn, whose celebration was radically put to the sword from the Tories, was famous for being a’real Socialist’.

Mr Livingstone disregarded fury one of the Jewish community in the tide of misuse in Labour’s ranks after Mr Corbyn became pioneer, insisting only’one 20th of a percent’ of members needed’tweeted or stated something anti-Semitic’. 

And he said that he was’glad’ Jewish MP Luciana Berger stop the party and joined the Lib Dems after being hounded by racists, as she wasn’t’very Labour’.

The outstanding offender, in an interview on Sky news, arrived after Mr Corbyn was humiliated in the election December 12, as Boris Johnson spanned Labour’s northern strongholds to acquire the vast majority of 80. 

‘He directed us down the route of another referendum.’ 

About Mrs Thornberry, Ms Flint said:’She explained to one of my coworkers,”I’m glad my components aren’t as dumb as yours”

‘I’m sorry, that isn’t acceptable.’ 

but a furious Mrs Thornberry flatly refused the claim. 

‘That is a complete and utter lie. I haven’t said this to anybody, nor anything similar to it, and that I expect naturally, it isn’t something I’d ever believe,’ she explained. 

She added:’No matter gaps within Labour, we shouldn’t sink in that gutter’ 

Meanwhile, potential leadership candidates are gearing up for a tilt in the party’s top job.

Rebecca Long-Bailey has emerged as an early favorite, getting endorsements from darkness secretary Richard Burgon and compliments from John McDonnell.

But, Wigan MP Lisa Nandy disclosed she’s’seriously interested about’ whether to establish a bidding – and may be endorsed by moderates.

‘I’m seriously considering it,’ she told the BBC’s Andre Marr Show. ‘The reason I’m considering it’s because we’ve only had the shattering defeat, in which you felt in cities like mine, the ground was vibration’ 

Mr McDonnell apologised for the celebration’s catastrophic election response, stating’I have this tragedy’. 

The shadow chancellor stated’if anyone is to blame, it is me, full stop’, but additionally cited Brexit along with the press for getting’demonised’ that the Labour leader before this dismal defeat. 

‘It is on me, let us take it to the chin, I have this tragedy so I apologise to all of those superb Labour MPs who’ve lost their chairs and that worked hard,’ Mr McDonnell told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show.  

Mr McDonnell predicted that the leadership shift will happen in eight 10 weeks, tipping Ms Long-Bailey as being able to become’a brilliant pioneer’. 

He praised shadow cabinet ministers Angela Rayner and Dawn Butler. 

But he made clear he’prefers other people’ into backbencher Jess Phillips, who’s thrown her hat into the ring. And he dodged stating exactly what he thought of Ms Nandy. 

Meanwhile, Mr Corbyn has dropped back on his support for Labour’s exceptionally left-wing policies regardless of the party’s breathtaking election defeat. 

The incoming opposition chief grudgingly devoting some private responsibility for its devastating collapse in votes, however, utilized two newspaper columns to pin the blame Brexit and social press.     

Labour suffered its worst performance in the polls because 1935 later Boris Johnson diminished the celebration’s Red Wall of traditionally northern strongholds into rubble.

While accepting that the outcome was’desperately unsatisfactory ‘,” Mr Corbyn said that he was’proud’ of this revolutionary anti-rich and spending spree stage he stumbled during the effort.

Insisting his tax-hiking government routine was hot, he wrote in the Observer:’I’m thrilled that on austerity, on corporate power, on inequality and about the climate crisis we’ve won the discussions and pinpointed the conditions of political argument.

‘However, I regret that we didn’t succeed in converting that into a majority for change. 

Jeremy Corbyn (pictured at his home yesterday) has doubled down on his support for Labour's wildly left-wing policies despite the party's spectacular election defeat

Jeremy Corbyn (pictured in his house yesterday) has dropped down on his support to Labour’s exceptionally left-wing policies Regardless of the party’s remarkable election defeat

Wigan MP Lisa Nandy said she was 'seriously thinking about' running for the Labour leadership

Wigan MP Lisa Nandy stated she had been’seriously interested in’ working to the Labour leadership


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