Leaked Microsoft document cements theory of second next-gen console — RT World News

Codenamed Lockhart, the cheaper, less powerful model may be the first in a range of “Project Scarlett consoles”, and points to a key part of Microsoft’s pricing strategy.

Project Scarlett, Microsoft’s original name because of its Xbox Series X console, has been long rumoured to encompass two next-gen consoles underneath the names Anaconda and Lockhart.

In March, curious technophiles were quick to learn that etched in the Xbox Series X mainboard can be an Anaconda, ultimately causing rumours that the release of a second console, Lockhart, was still on the cards.

Now, a newly leaked Microsoft document posted on Twitter has reignited the claims, detailing a Lockhart profiling mode as an ingredient of the Xbox Series X developer kit. 

This mode will allow developers to test out their games at the performance Microsoft aims to achieve having its next console, understood to be around half the offering in terms of RAM (7.5GB versus Xbox Series X 13.5GB), and a slightly slower CPU speed. 

The second console will of course be offered at less price point for gaming at 1080p or 1440p, two of typically the most popular resolutions employed by PC gaming monitors.

Whilst Microsoft has yet to acknowledge the existence of Lockhart, the name can also be found within the Xbox One’s OS along side references to Anaconda and Dante. 

The industry expects that Lockhart will undoubtedly be released at precisely the same time as the Xbox Series X, perhaps underneath the name Xbox Series S, explaining why Microsoft trademarked the Xbox Series branding. 

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