Let’s investigate which AFC East head coach doesn’t think Cam Newton will start for Patriots

Sean McDermott, Buffalo Bills. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

An AFC East coach doesn’t see Cam Newton starting Week 1 for the Patriots.

Apparently, there’s an AFC East coach who doubts Cam Newton‘s starting abilities.

According to ESPN’s Dianna Russini, one AFC East head coach she spoke with doesn’t think Newton will even function as the starting quarterback for the Patriots once the season starts.

While Russini is simply doing her job, that is precisely why the New England Patriots have won the AFC East 17 times in the last 19 years. During his 2 decades of dominance, Bill Belichick is a major reason the Buffalo Bills, the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets have tell you head coaches like Larry King does wives. New England has made those three franchises look so stupid.

If there clearly was a division you’d hear a quote like this emanating out of, it would be the AFC East -1000 in case a Las Vegas sportsbook desired to set a line for this kind of inherent dysfunction. By saying Newton’s not likely to start Week 1, meaning he’s likely to start Week 1 and single-handedly destroy everything you hold sacred on the football field. Yes, Belichick is that petty.

Whether you want to call it a study or exactly what it is, a witch hunt, we’re positively going there in looking for which AFC East head coach was dumb enough to text that to Russini. Surely, that source has been burned after he’s now swimming in a pool of three. So which of these three amigos said it: Sean McDermott, Brian Flores or Adam Gase? We need to find out!

Which AFC East coach doesn’t think Cam Newton will start Week 1?

Sean McDermott

Head Coach Buffalo Bills

Sean McDermott was once on the Carolina Panthers’ coaching staff.

When Sean McDermott’s name arises associated with this kind of nonsense, the very first thing you think of is always to immediately cross his name off the list. His Buffalo Bills were, whilst still being may be, the favorites to win the AFC East this year. What he and general manager Brandon Beane are building in Orchard Park gets the potential to be something truly special.

One would think McDermott and his Bills are too focused on winning to concern yourself with what the Patriots are doing. However, no team has been owned more shamelessly by the Patriots for the final two decades compared to Bills. Buffalo going 0-for vs. New England is really a Western New York rite of passage. Plus, let’s not forget where McDermott used to work before that he came to Buffalo.

McDermott was the defensive coordinator under Ron Rivera with the Carolina Panthers. They are the former employer of both McDermott and Newton. While Newton was insanely talented, a difficult worker and a likable guy, his reputation for being high maintenance and lots of work have stuck with him through the duration of his 10-year NFL career out of Auburn. McDermott may have some thoughts.

Buffalo had every chance to bring Newton in as Josh Allen’s backup. They are of a similar Ben Roethlisberger prototype as starting quarterbacks. Yet, the Bills decided it’ll be either Matt Barkley or Jake Fromm who back up Allen this season and that’ll be sufficient. McDermott and Leslie Frazier’s defense can game plan against Newton, but McDermott too smart to say this, right?