Lonar Lake: A 50,000-year-old lake in India just turned pink and experts don’t know exactly why

That was the concern on individuals’s minds throughout India after Lonar Lake in the state of Maharashtra unexpectedly altered colors in current days.

Experts think that the modification is most likely due to either increased salinity in the water, the existence of algae or a mix of both– like parts of Utah’s Great Salt Lake or Lake Hillier in Australia.
Gajanan Kharat, a regional geologist, stated in a video published to Maharashtra Tourism’s Twitter feed, that this has actually occurred previously, however was not as popular.

“It’s looking particularly red this year because this year the water’s salinity has increased,” he stated. “The amount of water in the lake has reduced and the lake has become shallower, so the salinity has gone up and caused some internal changes.”

Kharat stated that scientists are likewise examining if the existence of red algae triggered the color modification.

Samples are being sent out to numerous laboratories, he stated, and “once they have studied it we will be able to definitively say why the lake’s water has turned red.”

The lake, which lies about 500 kilometers (311 miles) east of Mumbai, formed after a meteorite struck the Earth some 50,000 years back, according to CNN affiliate CNN News18 It’s a popular traveler destination and has actually been studied by researchers around the world, CNN News 18 reported.

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