Man Brutally Assaulted For Wearing MAGA Hat Before Attacker Steals It – Suspect Now Facing Years In Prison

Liberals are frequently attempting to make it appear like advocates of Donald Trump are fierce as well as lunatic, yet in truth, it’s leftists that typically wind up literally striking those that assume in a different way than they do.

This was regretfully revealed once more lately, when a man was assaulted in California for wearing a MAGA hat.

A man was making use of a washroom in Hermosa Beach last Labor Day while wearing a red hat with Russian creating on it, according to TheBlaze Another man in the shower room discovered the hat as well as asked what it suggested, as well as when he was informed that words equated to “Make America Great Again,” he totally shed it.

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Police claim that the man started punching the hat-wearer in the face continuously, triggering him to be up to the ground. This did not quit the attacker from remaining to punch him before taking the hat as well as getting away the scene.

After exploring, authorities jailed 32 year-old David Delgado, that showed up in court recently to beg no competition to one felony matter of attack through pressure most likely to create excellent physical injury. He is now facing 4 years behind bars, as well as is readied to be punished on May 28 in the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Torrance Branch.

We rejoice to see that he has actually discovered by hand that regardless of what liberals claim, it in fact is not appropriate to assault Trump advocates literally. Unfortunately, this is much from the very first time a Trump advocate has actually been strongly assaulted for their political ideas:

These fierce assaults on Trump advocates are a straight outcome of Democrats as well as the mainstream media damning Trump citizens to the factor where crazed leftists assume that hurting them is the best point to do. Until the liberal media transforms the means they report on Trump advocates, those that chose the head of state will certainly still remain in threat when they reveal their adoration for him openly.

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