Mark Hamill Mocks Law ‘Chief’ Trump, Demands Pardon For Bad ‘Star Wars’ TV Special

“Star Wars” tale Mark Hamill happily skewered the head of state’s brag that he is America’s leading police police officer with a buffooning charm for a pardon for the embarrassingly bad “Star Wars Holiday Special,” which broadcast in a galaxy much, far– also known as American TV in1978

Hamill took a swipe at Donald Trump by teasing the program, which included most of the “Star Wars” actors, consisting of Hamill as Luke Skywalker.

Hamill– that commonly slams the head of state– required in a tweet Wednesday, “Hey, ‘Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the Country’ … Pardon THIS.”

Trump elevated the specter of a pardon for his long time friend– as well as seven-time offender– Roger Stone after he pounded a suggested sentence for Stone, later on calling himself the “chief law enforcement officer of the country.”

Stone was punished Thursday to 40 months behind bars for felonies consisting of existing under vow to Congress as well as witness meddling. Prosecutors originally advised 7 to 9 years for Stone, up until Attorney General William Barr called back the idea after Trump complained

As for “Star Wars,” Hamill’s fans on Twitter, regretfully, concurred with him that the cumbersome special– which included R2D2 as “himself” in the credit scores; Chewbacca’s father, partner as well as kid (Lumpy); as well as music numbers– was perhaps feloniously badTV A couple of gamely safeguarded it, however several assumed it was inexcusable– also for Trump.

Others were thankful for the laugh.

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