Matthew McConaughey tells fans to ‘wear the damn mask’ in new video

The actor told fans he understood that the country is going through “some growing pains” but that “growing pains are a good thing, because how the hell else are we going to grow up?”

He proceeded to say, “I think we gotta look one another in the eye … look ourselves in the eye, we gotta look in the mirror and ask ourselves, ‘How may i be better? How may i expect more of myself and others? How can I become more responsible? How can I have significantly more compassion? How can I have significantly more courage? How can I become more fair? How do I make sure that I wear the damn mask?

“That’s how we get to next year’s birthday and birthdays beyond that. And we start partying again. Looking around and thinking, ‘Oh yeah we always got work to do. We never arrive, but we improved.’ That’s our chance. That’s our opportunity. That’s on me. That’s on you,” he said.

“It’s game time. Ding, ding. We are in the ring, America. Let’s quit messing about and get it done.”

This is not the first time McConaughey has been open with fans as it pertains to slowing the spread of coronavirus. In May he spoke to CNN’s Brianna Keilar about the necessity for fans to take all possible precautions.

“Science is behind us right now,” he said. “The mask is about letting science catch up. It’s about helping protect people on the front lines. Don’t let what happened in New York happen where there’s two patients for every bed. We’ve got to buy time and a mask is a very good tool for that.”