Mercedes F1 team reveals origins of DAS system

Mercedes triggered intrigue in the F1 paddock when it debuted DAS on its vehicle on the 2nd day of pre-season screening, enabling chauffeurs Lewis Hamilton and also Valtteri Bottas to change the toe angle of the front wheels from the cabin.

The chauffeurs made use of DAS by drawing the guiding wheel in the direction of them while on a right, triggering inquiries from competitors concerning its validity from technological, showing off and also security perspectives.

DAS has actually currently been disallowed for following period with Mercedes’ contract regardless of the choice to keep the existing automobiles for 2021.

Bottas disclosed in pre-season screening he had actually found out about DAS for over a year, however its origins extend also better back, with Mercedes principal developer John Owen exposing the concept arised from a different job that had actually worked on the vehicle.

“The DAS system was born out of the ashes of something else we’d tried and actually raced on the car a couple of years ago that sort of worked, but didn’t really deliver all the promise that we had in it,” Owen claimed in a video clip on Mercedes’ YouTube network.

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“That was kind of propounded one side as something we attempted and also maybe really did not meet our assumptions. There are lots of various other points like that that are available, within the team, within individuals’s minds, tasks that individuals keep in mind.

“The DAS system was actually well, what concerning if you could do something similar to this, what do the policies claim? And the policies successfully really did not quit it. We believed that’s uncommon and also unexpected.

“Then you enter it a growing number of and also extra, and also you claim well exactly how would certainly I quit it, and also take the contrary technique and also claim well I’m currently mosting likely to quit a person from having this, what would certainly I do, what would certainly my disagreements be?

“Then you have a system where you thought of what another person’s disagreements would certainly be, and also you have actually made it so it does not flounder on any type of of those.”

While the FIA had actually educated Mercedes it was pleased that DAS was within the laws, Red Bull had actually prepared to lodge a demonstration at the Australian Grand Prix.

” I believe we have actually seen with the DAS system currently there’s a whole lot of instant response that it should not be within the policies,” claimed Owen.

“But the even more individuals consider it, the even more individuals claim ‘oh OK, perhaps it is within the policies, and also why have not we seen it prior to?’.

“Now there’s a certain [push] to discover why it isn’t within the policies, which’s simply Formula 1 as a whole.”

Owen claimed the aesthetic nature of DAS and also the response to it verified there is still a wish from followers for clear advancement from groups.

“What the DAS system proved is that there’s definitely craving in Formula 1 still for that sort of innovation, where suddenly the driver is moving the steering wheel different to what everyone else is, and something is happening that we didn’t expect,” Owen claimed.

” I believe that’s maybe what’s doing not have, that aesthetic advancement that individuals can discuss and also obtain thrilled around.

“There’s a whole lot of points on the 2020 Mercedes that are wonderful developments, none of which we actually intend to discuss since they are a vital affordable benefit.

“But there is one of them that undoubtedly is so aesthetic, and also discussed a whole lot.

” I believe the sporting activity would certainly be much better if there were even more of those chatting factors. It would certainly bring a whole lot even more passion right into the sporting activity.”

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