Michael Rapaport Drops 24 F-Bombs In Angry Rant Against Coronavirus Revelers

Public wellness authorities are prompting individuals to continue to be within as long as feasible to avoid the spread of coronavirus, yet information video reveals congested parks and also coastlines in some locations. And star Michael Rapaport is quite pissed regarding the entire point.

“Get your fucking ass in the house, you little, selfish motherfucker, you,” he claimed in now-viral video clip.

Spurred by scenes of jam-packed parks, active roads and also crowded coastlines, celebs have actually been videotaping PSAs asking individuals to remain inside to quit the spread of the infection, which has currently contaminated almost 70,000 Americans and also eliminated greater than 1,000

But Rapaport’s message was the bluntest of the lot.

“Get your little, dirty, fucking grubby, selfish, YOLO fucking dumb tattooed faces in the fucking house,” he claimed, resolving more youthful individuals.

And moms and dads? You’re not off the hook, either.

“Parents, get your fucking kids,” Rapaport claimed. “This nice guy shit? It’s done. Get your fucking kids in the fucking house.”

See his complete message listed below: