‘Miracle on Ice’ hockey star committed as ‘dangerous’ after attack on buddy – East Bay Times

Mark Pavelich, 61. (Courtesy of the Cook County Sheriff’s Office) 

“Miracle on Ice” hockey celebrity Mark Pavelich will probably be civilly committed as a”mentally ill and dangerous” individual, a judge ruled Wednesday at Minnesota.

Cook County District Judge Michael Cuzzo ordered Pavelich to undergo therapy in a safe state centre after he had been accused of severely attacking a neighbor in August.

“As a consequence of (Pavelich’s) psychological illness, he poses a very clear threat to the security of other people and has participated in an overt act causing or trying to cause serious bodily injury to another,” Cuzzo composed in an 10-page sequence. “There’s a significant likelihood he will take part in acts capable of inflicting physical injury on another later on.”

Pavelich, 61, was detained Aug. 20 after he allegedly beat his neighbor using a metal rod. The attack happened shortly after the men had returned together close to their houses in Lutsen, a remote community on the north coast of Lake Superior.

A criminal complaint says Pavelich accused James T. Miller, 63, of”spiking his beer” before the attack, which left the victim with accidents involving two broken ribs, a bruised kidney and a fractured vertebra.

Pavelich was charged with four felonies: moment – and – third-degree assault, possession of a short-barreled shotgun and ownership of a firearm having a lost or altered serial number.

Cuzzo on Oct. 28 found Pavelich incompetent to stand trial, suspending event in his criminal situation and initiating commitment proceedings.

Fees against Pavelich will be disregarded three years following the date that he had been found incompetent, unless the Cook County lawyer’s office documents written notice of an intention to violate.

The”mentally ill and dangerous” designation implies Pavelich is going to be subject to the most restrictive level of devotion in the nation. Those meeting that standards are usually delivered to the Minnesota Security Hospital in St. Peter.

Within 90 times of Wednesday’s dedication order, the judge should hold a hearing to ascertain if he continues to pose a threat into the general public. If this is so, the judge may extend the loyalty forever.

According to court records, two psychologists who assessed Pavelich decided he is afflicted by a”neurocognitive disorder which affects his capacity to reason and comprehend reality.” At least opined that his state is most probably associated with a collection of head injuries sustained by the former hockey player.

Pavelich allegedly experiences delusions that friends and family members are trying to poison him. His arrest, based on Cuzzo’s arrangement, came following a series of episodes because 2015 where Pavelich supposedly damaged property belonging to both family members and friends.

The two evaluators stated Pavelich continued to show signs of delusions and paranoia. Asked about the criminal case, he told one of those psychologists that he was”angry that (Miller) would do so… spike .”

Pavelich was a forward on the 1980 U.S. Olympic men’s hockey team, which famously defeated the dominant Soviet Union and proceeded to win the gold trophy. The success over the Soviet Union was dubbed the”Miracle on Ice”

After Olympic glory, Pavelich spent a long time at the National Hockey League, largely using the New York Rangers.

While many members of this group have capitalized on their popularity, it famously required Pavelich 35 years to return to Lake Placid, N.Y., in which the upset happened. Media reports frequently describe how Pavelich, a property developer, enjoys fishing and covets his solitude.

In a 2002 reunion of the group throughout NHL All-Star festivities in Los Angeles, Pavelich was the only team member who did not play in an exhibition match. In 2014, he offered his gold trophy for $262,900.

In 2012, Pavelich’s wife, Kara, 44, expired after having a 20-foot fall from a balcony in the Lutsen house. They were married because 1994. The collapse had been ruled accidental. Kara Pavelich, seemingly looking for better cell phone reception, had gone onto a second-story balcony which had no railing and’d resigned the border.

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