MLB Players’ Union Files Grievance On Behalf Of Jacoby Ellsbury

The MLB Players Association has filed a grievance against the Yankees in relation to this group’s strategies to withhold Jacoby Ellsbury‘s salary to its 2020 year, Ronald Blum of the Associated Press reports.  The issue will be heard by an arbitrator, without a deadline provided as to when the hearing will probably occur or any time a decision may be rendered.

Some kind of official challenge about the union’s benefit was confirmed, after the Yankees’ goals were made public .  At the moment, the MLBPA published a statement saying the marriage”will aggressively defend any actions taken against Jacoby or his contract and is exploring potential contract offenses by his own company .”

Ellsbury signed a seven-year, $153MM deal with the Yankees before this 2014 year which has proven to become among the most prominent free agent busts lately.  Injuries have retained Ellsbury off the area entirely for the previous two seasons, and he just struck. 264/. 330/. 386 at 2171 PA within his first four seasons in New York (with accidents also restricting the outfielder in 2 of the four decades ).  The Yankees eventually released Ellsbury last month, using $26,142,857. 15 still staying in the past year of his bargain — his guaranteed salary, and also the 5MM buyout of his team choice for the 2021 year old.

But, the Yankees took the very unusual step of claiming that Ellsbury’s residual earnings ought to be voided, alleging that Ellsbury failed medical therapy without the group’s approval.  Since Blum notes,”Ellsbury asserts any treatment he obtained without consent was to get a non-baseball-related accident or illness, which does not demand the club’s approval.”  The Yankees, Ellsbury, and Ellsbury’s agent Scott Boras all declined to comment on the matter.

The arbitrator’s judgment will clearly have a substantial financial effect on Ellsbury, and on the Yankees’ ability to prevent paying a maximum luxury tax penalty 2020.  The club includes a projected tax bill of just under $261.6MM for its 2020 year, according to Jason Martinez of Roster Resource, well beyond the $248MM that symbolizes the maximum degree of taxation threshold.  The Yankees therefore confront a ten-slot fall in their upper position in the 2021 draft, in addition to a charge of 42.5percent of each dollar spent on the brink.

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