More Than 1 in 5 U.S. Papers Has Closed. This Is the Result.

The Voice of San Diego along with the Times of San Diego, combined together with the internet versions of this local TV news, appear to do a very good job of covering what’s happening within our area. 1 thing that I especially like is that a few of the organizations frequently hold public meetings to discuss what’s happening, their policy and what’s of interest to your area. That never occurred with conventional news organizations.

— Bruce Higgins, San Diego

The Greensboro News & Record was my regional paper. While it has not closed, it’s a mere shadow of its former self. It’s currently owned by a branch of Berkshire Hathaway.

It covers federal or even state information. The obits and church information still get coated well. The segments that used to concentrate on neighboring counties were removed years ago. It’s more difficult to find a backup in public places like shops. I just get the Sunday newspaper nowadays.

— Sandi Campbell, Randolph County, N.C.

Our city’s weekly, The Concord Journal, progressively prints handouts and seldom covers whatever you could predict local news coverage. Many sexy issues do not see print. And today our weekly comprises another city, Lincoln, further decreasing its regional facet. I register but complete reading it about two minutes since there’s nothing there.

— Judith Hill, Concord, Mass.

Our newspaper has not closed yet, however the Pittsburgh Post Gazette started publishing just 3 days each week in September. I’m retired, as is my husband. His day starts with reading the newspaper — not online, but sitting at his seat and reading each and every word. I really don’t know if he will ever read it on line. And I know lots of men and women feel exactly the identical way. It is going to shortly be a lost art — studying at leisure, in the kitchen table, discussing neighborhood happenings.

— Barb Krause, Pittsburgh

The Birmingham Post-Herald ceased print publication. Many years later, the more broadly read Birmingham News was purchased and proceeded from seven days to 3 days per week before eventually quitting book.

I overlook the societal page (brides), the comics as well as the regional sports together with photographs of this protagonist of this match. I miss the joys of after a crime out of its reporting on its own conclusion. I miss the webpage of letters to the editor. These items created it”our” newspaper, not only a paper.

— Sally Speaker, Birmingham, Ala.

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