Myanmar Says ‘Terrorist’ Arakan Army Is Losing Chance to Join Peace Process

The rebel Arakan Army battling the nationwide army in western Myanmar’s Rakhine state has “very little chance” to join the nation’s having a hard time peace process since the federal government has actually assigned the 11- year-old pressure an illegal, terrorist company, an army representative stated Thursday.

The mainly ethnic Rakhine Buddhist pressure has actually been participated in heightened hostilities with Myanmar soldiers in north Rakhine state given that late 2018 and also very early January 2019, when its soldiers eliminated 13 cops and also damaged 9 others in strikes on 4 authorities stations.

The 15- month problem until now has actually eliminated loads of private citizens and also displaced 140,000 citizens, interrupting life and also business in a state still reeling from the army’s terrible expulsion of 750,000 Rohingya Muslims right into surrounding Bangladesh.

“They have shown that they don’t want peace,” Brigadier General Zaw Min Tun of the armed force’s info board informed RFA’s MyanmarService “They have repeatedly engaged in terrorist activities although they have been repeatedly warned.”

“Now that they have been declared a terrorist group, in legal sense, they have very little chance of participating in peace process,” he stated.

The army representative made the remarks in reaction to declarations by AA authorities following the federal government’s classification on Monday of the AA and also its political arm as terrorist team stating that the federal government’s choice would certainly injure any type of peace process.

The peace process to end Myanmar’s armed problems that leader Aung San Suu Kyi has actually made the keystone of her four-year-old federal government has actually been prevented by continuous battling in between Myanmar pressures and also rebel militaries in provincial ethnic areas.

Only 10 of Myanmar’s 20- weird ethnic militaries have actually authorized a 2015 nationwide cease-fire contract (NCA) with the federal government. The AA, which looks for better freedom for ethnic Rakhines in Rakhine state, has actually not authorized the deal.

AA authorities likewise have stated that the federal government’s classification might intensify the scenario of ethnic Rakhines charged of having links to the AA and also billed under the nation’s Counter-Terrorism Law.

But Zaw Min Tun responded to that the federal government’s classification will certainly secure private citizens that are not entailed with the rebel army in Rakhine state.

“Now that we have officially designated them under the Counter-Terrorism Law, we can strengthen our actions against them,” he stated. “For those who are innocent, we can give them better protection. But for those who are dishonest and are abetting AA activities, it will be harsher.”

Zaw Min Tun stated that the Myanmar armed force has actually performed instructional advocate the regional individuals not to involve with AA participants, and also alerted the Arakan pressures to stay clear of hosting fights near private towns or hiding in them throughout equipped problems.


The AA has actually charged Myanmar pressures of proceeding to battle in the middle of worries of the spread of the coronavirus epidemic which until now has actually contaminated 3 individuals in the nation. Zaw Min Tun stated the Arakan pressure is being sanctimonious given that it has actually proceeded its strikes.

An AA attack on a Myanmar basic training institution in Rakhine’s Minbya territory motivated battling in between both militaries in a minimum of 3 neighboring areas with casualties on both sides. Recent battling in the territory has actually displaced approximately 1,000 private citizens.

The AA has actually asserted that strikes by Myanmar pressures will certainly bode even worse for them in an instance prior to the International Court of Justice, where the West African nation Gambia has actually submitted genocide-related fees over the armed force’s wrongs versus Rohingya Muslims throughout a 2017 suppression in north Rakhine state

Zaw Min Tun dismissed that analysis and also recommended that the armed force can level comparable allegations versus the AA.

“Legally designating the AA as a terrorist group means the government can take a stronger stance on this issue internationally,” he stated.

“The U.S. has designated al-Qaeda as terrorist group although it is located outside its sovereign territory, so that the U.S. can take action against it legally, both in terms of national law and international law,” he stated. “This is the right and the authority of a sovereign state.”

Zaw Htay, representative for President Win Myint’s workplace, decreased to remark, stating he does refrain meetings by phone.

Reported by Waiyan Moe Myint for RFA’s MyanmarService Translated by Ye Kaung MyintMaung Written in English by Roseanne Gerin.

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