Next stimulus package: HEALS Act benefits go even beyond another payment


Proposals under consideration in Washington could provide financial support during the pandemic.

Angela Lang/CNET

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The next economic relief package will include another stimulus payment of up to $1,200, that much is all but certain. But a second direct payment for qualified Americans is just the beginning. The current proposals pinging around Washington include a number of measures that could affect millions of people — whether they pass or not.

With Congress divided on a final deal, one of the main sticking points is enhanced unemployment assistance. The GOP-authored HEALS Act proposes slashing the $600 weekly benefit that expired on July 31 to just $200 per week and then later adjusting benefits to a percentage based on your previous salary. Democratic leaders find that reduction dangerously low and say it won’t keep people afloat through the economic recession, which has seen tens of millions of people lose their jobs.

Below, we assess how likely an extension to enhanced unemployment…

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