‘Notebook’ Costume Designer ‘Bawled’ After Hearing Kobe Bryant Got Allie’s Dress For Vanessa

The costume designer for “The Notebook” has actually spoken up in feedback to Vanessa Bryant’s psychological eulogy for her late partner, Kobe Bryant, disclosing that the NBA tale needed to have actually been extremely “determined” in order to present his other half products from the movie’s collection.

Earlier today, Vanessa talked throughout an unique memorial event held by the Los Angeles Lakers as well as the Mamba & & Mambacita SportsFoundation She recognized Kobe as well as her little girl, Gianna, that both passed away last month in an unfortunate helicopter accident, with a sincere speech defining both’s traditions.

In one story Vanessa shared regarding Kobe, she stated that he talented her heaven dress Rachel McAdams’ personality, Allie Hamilton, uses in the 2004 movie, along with the prop note pad. (Vanessa shared pictures of the wear an Instagram blog post from 2013.)

Kobe obviously informed her that he talented her the dress since McAdams’ personality used the wear a scene when she returned to her love, Noah.

“We had hoped to grow old together like the movie. We really had an amazing love story,” stated Vanessa in her speech.

In feedback to the speech, costume designer Karyn Wagner informed The Hollywood Reporter today that she had “zero idea” where the dress wound up which she was “bawling” when she heard what Vanessa stated.

“I’m still drying the tears off my face. What a beautiful eulogy. I’m so honored that I was able to contribute in some small way to the history of this amazing man,” statedWagner

Also today, Wagner exposed to Access Hollywood that she really did not “know how Kobe even tracked this dress down.”

“He has to have spent a lot of time and a lot of effort. He was that good and he was that determined to show his wife how much he loved her,” she informed the magazine.