Palestinians in diaspora launch campaign to confront Israel annexation plans – Middle East Monitor

The Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad (PCPA) on Monday released the “Down with Annexation” campaign which intends to confront the Israeli strategy to annex big locations of the inhabited West Bank as well as Jordan Valley.

The PCPA revealed the campaign throughout a digital interview, in which its Secretary-General, Hisham Abu Mahfouz, claimed that Israel is benefiting from the globe’s obsession with the coronavirus pandemic in order to combine its control over the Palestinian areas.

Abu Mahfouz emphasized on the significance of functioning to confront the Israeli plans, calling to unify the Palestinian, Arab as well as Islamic initiatives to protect against Israel from applying its negotiation jobs, to finish the Israeli profession as well as return Palestinian evacuees to their houses.

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The campaign’s essential objectives were detailed as being: “Challenging the Zionist policies, blocking the means to the Occupation’s expansion in occupied Palestine, defending the West Bank, and every piece of Palestinian and Arab land, as well as resisting the accelerating annexation policy and the occupation infiltration.”

Political Sciences’ Professor Abdul-Sattar Kassem claimed the circumstance in the West Bank is not fit for bring back any one of the basic nationwide legal rights of the Palestinian individuals.

“The Palestinian national culture has retreated and led to a retreat of the Palestinian cause in the hearts of the Palestinian people themselves,” he claimed.

Kassem asked for the restoring of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) on a linked basis, shared by all Palestinian intrigues, worrying on the significance of composing a brand-new nationwide deal that mirrors the ambitions as well as hopes of the Palestinian individuals.

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