Patrick Mahomes ready to collect rings after record extension

Patrick Mahomes is on a quest to collect as numerous rings as humanly possible.

Not even 24 hours after signing a record-setting contract, Patrick Mahomes is back the gym.

The Kansas City Chiefs extended Mahomes on a 10-year deal over $500 million. The reigning Super Bowl MVP won’t be hitting free agency until he’s 37 years old in 2031. Despite having more job security than any human would know what to do with, Mahomes told Bleacher Report’s Adam Lefkoe, he’s on a quest to collect even more Super Bowl rings.

Despite some Dom Perignon arriving at the Chiefs facility yesterday, Mahomes doesn’t have time to be hungover these days. He has to win his Chiefs as numerous Super Bowls as possible.

Patrick Mahomes is pushing to have significantly more Super Bowl rings than Tom Brady.

This the type of commit that has to have Chiefs Kingdom a lot more fired up. We didn’t think the Chiefs fanbase could possibly be this amped about Mahomes’ record-setting extension. Now that this check offers cleared, it’s about generating every penny of that 10-year extension with regard to Mahomes. Bad 10-year deal to AMERICAN FOOTBAL quarterbacks have got happened prior to, so he or she can’t decrease that way.

What Mahomes appears to have got figured out currently is the Hunt Family isn’t paying everything that money so that he performed the last 2 years, but for the actual believe he’ll do for team over the following dozen. Mahomes is only 24 years old, thus he has their whole AMERICAN FOOTBAL career in front of him. He actually contains a chance to be the best quarterback within the history of sports if it pots and pans out for your pet.

Are the Chiefs going to win actually Super Bowl for the rest of period? No, that’s not just how football functions. However, it will be shocking in case he doesn’t match Terry Bradshaw or even Joe Montana’s total of 4. Frankly, obtaining to just Troy Aikman territory regarding three will be considered the disappointment with regard to Mahomes’ skill. Matching Brady’s six will probably be tough, nonetheless it could thus happen.

Mahomes going to the gym the morning after his record-setting contract implies he’s almost all business.