Patriots reworking Rex Burkhead’s contract adds cap space

The Patriots have given themselves some salary cap breathing room by renegotiating the ultimate year of Rex Burkhead’s contract.

For the whole offseason, the Patriots have already been up against the cap. It’s been a roadblock inside their efforts to sign free agents, and that’s why they haven’t been too active. But they made a small proceed Tuesday which will surely help them financially as free agency concludes.

The Patriots have renegotiated the ultimate year of Rex Burkhead’s contract to be able to clear up more cap space in 2020. They have dropped his base salary from $2.5 million to $1.05 million, giving him a $500k signing bonus today. The Pats will save you just under $1 million with the move.

In his 36 months with the Patriots, Burkhead has totaled 1,416 yards and eight touchdowns along with a Super Bowl ring in 2018. His most readily useful performance came in the AFC Championship in 2018, when that he totaled 64 yards and two touchdowns, including the game-winner in overtime.

Prior to the brand new deal, Burkhead was a cut candidate for the Pats, having an extremely crowded running straight back room that features the likes of Sony Michel, James White and Damien Harris. The deal shows Bill Belichick’s commitment to the running straight back and guarantees him an area on the team come September.

What could the Patriots do with the cap space they’ve freed up?

The Patriots never have officially announced the signing of Cam Newton, which means this may be a precursor to that announcement. However, Bill Belichick could always have another thing up his sleeve. Who knows what his true intentions are with this move?

There are still a lot of useful free agents in the marketplace that Belichick may be enthusiastic about. He’s also never been afraid to produce a trade, that could very much be on the cards for the Patriots. It could also just provide the Patriots some room to breathe with the cap once the season starts. In case of injury, it’s always good to have some cap space on hand in a pinch.