Personalized learning: A 50-year-old “trend” worth exploring

As it becomes more mainstream, educators should look for tools and resources that support personalized learning.

Any instructor who has spent over a couple of years in the profession is going to be exposed to various educational trends. Complex interventions, skewed buzzwords, and ambiguous acronyms are usually touted as the next best thing, just to be replaced just a brief time after a new fad.

Therefore, it’s easy to become disillusioned about executing a shift in pedagogy; why perform to generate space for something fresh when it is very likely to evaporate in a short while?

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At first glance, personalized learning is among those tendencies. It has turned into a focal point of professional development in areas throughout the nation, and keynote speakers at conventions are touting its own worth. But were you aware that personalized learning has in fact been in existence since the 1960s, when Fred Keller developed the Personalized System of Instruction?

In his strategy, Keller claimed that successful instruction should comprise five fundamentals. These fundamentals, for example jelqing schooling and working toward command, have been echoed in the decades due to instructional foundations and literature, such as the Aurora Institute (previously iNACOL) and ISTE.

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