P&G Releases Their 2019 Citizenship Report

They are making far more than just soap.

P&G has published its own 2019 Citizenship Report, which highlights the organization’s efforts in what they term their”citizen degree regions” of diversity and inclusion, gender equality, community influence, and ecological sustainability.

There is an impressive quantity of material, superbly presented as you might expect from the world’s largest advertiser.

For the raceAhead audience, there are 3 things to notice right away:

  • They are beginning to think otherwise. The organization established pilot applications for neurodiverse adults in their U.K., Boston, Costa Rica, and Cincinnati offices, to better understand how to hire and develop workers on the autism spectrum.
  • They moved all-in Pride. In celebration of this 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, P&G turned into a Platinum sponsor for World Pride actions across the world. This comprised Manilla, Philippines, also marked the organization’s initial foray into Pride in Asia.
  • They are gunning for a second Emmy. P&G has followed up in their Emmy big-screen movie”The Conversation,” which revealed Black moms having”the talk” with their own black kids about their security and attractiveness in a world characterized by white worth and dread, together with “The Appearance. ”

“The Appearance ” is both a movie and site designed to assist anyone feel what it is like to be a Black guy from the U.S. P&G functioned together with Saturday Morning, a distinctive creative agency which makes digital campaigns made to”shift perceptions” on pressing societal issues like racial prejudice, injustice, immigration, and ecological sustainability. In an exceedingly silent way,”The Appearance” investigates the sorts of implicit biases which are baked into regular life–being Dark while shopping, swimming, parenting, functioning. Every vignette, inspired by historic events, draws a line from segregation into now.

it’s the rare sequel that completely delivers, such as a profoundly satisfying twist in the end. Enjoy.

In other news, I am on now on website in Laguna Niguel, Calif., in which I am linking the total Fortune MPW/Broadsheet group for the most effective Girls Next Gen Summit, that kicks off later today.

Check out the whole line-up here–it is an embarrassment of riches from Microsoft U.S. president Kate Johnson, Ankiti Bose of all Zilingo (going to become India’s first female-founded unicorn startup), to runner and equity winner runner Alysia Montaño, also at a much expected session, Know My Name writer and sexual assault survivor Chanel Miller.

Along with raceAhead‘s policy, you are able to observe Fortune’s livestream, but by all means, stay tuned into Broadsheet for most of the interior juice.

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