PLO official says Israel will pay heavy price for annexation plans – Middle East Monitor

Secretary-General of PLO’s Executive Committee, Saeb Erekat claimed that Israel will pay a “heavy price” for its plans to link big locations of the inhabited West Bank as well as the Jordan Valley.

Speaking to the PLO’s information website, Erekat talked about the Arab nations’ setting relating to the Israeli plans, stating: “The Arabs met at the level of foreign ministers, held summits and considered the Israeli annexation plans a ‘war crime’.”

He included that King Abdullah II of Jordan just recently provided a declaration cautioning that the annexation will open “a massive conflict”.

“We are not asking people to endure more than they can afford. There is a national project, and there is the PLO; the sole and legitimate representative of the Palestinian people which negotiates on behalf of the Palestinian people,” Erekat claimed, including that the Palestinians can not avoid any type of state; Arab or international from normalising relationships with Israel, nonetheless he asked the Arab leaders wanting to side with Israel to openly introduce their placements prior to their very own individuals.

He included that Russia has actually been extremely encouraging of the Palestinian management relating to the Israeli plans, keeping in mind that President Vladimir Putin as well as Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov have actually created letters to President Mahmoud Abbas.

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