Polls open in Iran as activists call for boycott of election – Middle East Monitor

Iranians cast their tally in the 11 th legislative political elections today.

An overall of 55,000 ballot terminals opened up throughout the nation at 8am to offer the virtually 58 million elible citizens, Reuters reported.

The Iranian parliament, formally recognized as the Islamic Consultative Assembly, is a 290- seat legal body with 207 constituencies. Its participants are chosen every 4 years.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei cast his ballot at the Hussainiyeh of Imam Khomeini in Tehran and also defined the election as a “national celebration and “unique reality in history of democracy”, Iranian day-to-day Tehran Times reported.

Khamenei: Voting in Iran’s election ‘a religious duty’

“Firstly, election day is a national celebration and I congratulate this celebration to all dear countrymen across the country. Secondly, it is the day of the materialisation of the civil rights of the nation. Thirdly, this is a religious duty,” he stated.

Encouraging Iranian residents to elect, Iranian state TELEVISION revealed video footage of individuals aligned at ballot terminals.

Observers informed MEMORANDUM that authorities will certainly be really hoping for a high citizen yield as an indication of assistance for the regimen.

“This year’s vote also sets the tone for next year’s presidential elections,” Iran political professional Furkan Ozyakar, PhD prospect at Exeter University, described.

“It is the very first such survey given that the United States restored permissions over Iran’s nuclear program, damaging its economic situation.

This is additionally my 2nd time that I witness an election inIran When you compare to the various other political elections, it appears that there is no election today. Streets are extremely tranquil. Because, Iranians will certainly elect to choose brand-new parliament in the middle of affordable uncertanity. Especially, around 3 miliion very first time citizens (Iranian young people) have no hope in terms of economic situation,” he included.

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“Today will prove the ineffectiveness of US policies towards Iran … The Iranian government by holding the election in a timely manner showed that the US policies against Iran is already defeated,”Dr Mohammad Reza Majidi, Associate Professor at Department of Regional Studies at the University of Tehran, informed MEMORANDUM

Women’s civil liberties activists have actually nonetheless contacted individuals to boycott the election with reporter Masoumeh “Masih” Alinejad-Ghomi claiming “this is not a free election”.

“As a woman in Iran, I don’t have the right to choose what I want to wear… I don’t have the right to sing. I don’t have the right to dance. I don’t have the right to ride a bicycle,” she described, including: “But, I have been given a right to vote in election.This is called dictatorship… I won’t vote for my own oppressors.”

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