Precipitation above normal in Southern California and adding up in the north

Skiers and snowboarders know this: California’s recent storms have raised the nation’s precipitation totals to the commendable range from the northern portion of the country, also to well above normal in the southwest, based on Jan Null of Golden Gate Weather Services.

The statewide distribution of precipitation for the period from July 1 to Dec. 9 was intermittent, stated Null, demonstrating the effects of concentrations brought on by atmospheric rivers. By way of instance, areas from the southern Bay Area south to Big Sur received particularly heavy rain from among those fire hose-like systems during Thanksgiving week.


Snowpack from the Sierra Nevada is particularly crucial for California’s water source. Shown here are chosen cities as well as also the Sierra Nevada indices of channels run by the state Department of Water Resources.

(Paul Duginski / / Los Angeles Times)

Additionally, Null warns that percent-of-normal figures could be a bit deceiving. Approximately 3.5 inches of rain in Los Angeles by the start of the rain season on July 1 through Dec. 9 levels to 141percent of ordinary when that regular is 2.5 inches. However, a comparable amount, 3.7 inches, is only 64percent of regular at San Francisco, in which 5.8 inches will be anticipated during precisely the exact same period.

Last season, Northern California got a late start on its own rain time while Southern California got an early start with a few huge storms which brought rain . Ordinarily, the rain season would start in the northern portion of the country, then stick to a bit later in the southwest.

However, for getting a late start, the northern Sierra is off to a good start. An eight-station indicator of measuring places from the hills north of Lake Tahoe is at 83percent of normal. This is a place which comprises the Sacramento, American and Feather rivers, in addition to the nation’s most important dams. This region is essential for water clients throughout the country, and specifically for Southern California.

The fundamental Sierra Nevada’s five channels stood 84percent of normal as of Dec. 9, and also the six channels in the southern Sierra were in 82percent of normal.

Obviously, the way the season plays out is a tossup, particularly since there is no El Niño or even La Niña from the equation this season. But skiers and snowboarders up and down California are placing their hopes in a duplicate of a snow-choked winter just like the previous one.

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