Pyongyang Attack on Anti-Kim Leaflets Makes North Koreans Notice Exiled Critics

Citizens of Pyongyang were activated to knock North Korean defectors and refugees in South Korea in a rally following uncommon public recommendation by the sis of Kim Jong Un of anti-regime leaflets drifted over the border by exile groups, sources in the nation stated Monday.

Launching leaflets and little presents by helium balloon throughout the Demilitarized Zone from South Korea is a typical strategy of Kim program challengers and human rights groups in theSouth They include info that the Pyongyang federal government keeps from its residents, in addition to products such as U.S. dollars or USB flash drives including videos that are prohibited in North Korea.

Kim Jong Un’s sis Kim Yo Jong, a close confidant of her bro who some observers think is next in line in the judgment household, made a declaration about the propaganda leaflets to the state-run Rodong Sinmun paper recently– an unusual case in which state media acknowledged the brochure projects.

She described those previous North Koreans sending out the leaflets from the competitor South as “human scum little short of wild animals who betrayed their own homeland,” and “mongrel dogs who bark where they should not.”

She likewise called on the federal government of South Korea to avoid additional releases of propaganda leaflets into North Korea.

After her public declaration, the authorities in the capital Pyongyang arranged the anti-escapee rally and bought everybody to get involved on Saturday, according to regional sources.

After the rally, a homeowner of Pyongyang who asked not to be called for security factors informed RFA’s Korean Service that the occasion backfired in the view of lots of people in Pyongyang– calling attention to liberties missing in the North.

“The fact that the North Korean defectors’ groups in South Korea frequently send propaganda leaflets criticizing the North Korean regime shows how South Korean society guarantees freedom in their activities,” the source stated.

“It’s completely apparent. The authorities arranged the rally so [the protestors] are simply yelling. They might outwardly state ‘Death to defectors!’ however inside everybody is most likely stating, ‘If only I could go to South Korea,’” stated the source.

The source stated that the North Korean federal government is approaching this issue in manner ins which worked just in earlier periods when the nation was more separated from outdoors impacts.

“The individuals of North Korea are awake. They understand what the remainder of the world is doing, however the Central Committee [of the Korean Workers’ Party] does not understand that,” the source stated.

“They are under the impression that individuals are [still] exceptionally devoted to the Kim household, much like in previous periods,” stated the source.

The source stated the Central Committee was now out of touch with how individuals believe and is relying excessive on their presumed commitment.

A North Korean escapee who showed up in South Korea in 2015, Han Sun- hee, informed RFA that the Pyongyang presentation on Saturday is a normal forced mobilization occasion.

“If Pyongyang residents do not go to such [forced events], they will be instantly based on self-criticism, so they need to take part in the occasion no matter what,” she stated.

Self- criticism, or saenghwal chonghwa, is a routine act by which the residents report to the authorities on any drawback they personally have concerning commitment to the state.

“We constantly need to take part in these occasions. [Pyongyang] and all locations under the city go through a quota system, so each community is bound to contribute a particular variety of individuals,” stated Han.

Forced mobilization generally includes impressing the citizenry into offering totally free labor on farm or building tasks. But this kind of forced occasion is paid and transport is supplied, according to Han.

“They do not need to take part in building, however rather they need to go to all these occasions. [Authorities] pay them 100,000 North Korean won[U.S. $12.50] People take buses to come. They have no option however to be dragged around since it’s not something they can grumble about,” Han stated.

“It’s not that they are at the rally because it’s good. If they don’t participate, there will be self-criticism,” she included.

Kim Yo Jong condemns leaflets

The demonstration rally versus escapees followed Kim Yo Jong’s declaration 2 days previously condemning South Korean leaflets– a public recognition of the brochure projects that puzzled lots of North Koreans, an authorities in Pyongyang who asked not to be called informed RFA.

“Today’s Rodong Sinmun had a report [which included Kim Yo Jong’s statement] about North Korean defectors in South Korea sending out anti-Pyongyang leaflets into North Korea, and the locals are amazed to hear the news,” the authorities stated.

“Whether the celebration meant it or not, the Rodong Sinmun has actually described the North Korean defectors’ activities in information,” he stated.

“The strong declaration versus South Korea was released since the anti-Pyongyang leaflets straight slam Kim JongUn However, I do not comprehend in the beginning look what it was that they meant by releasing it in the Rodong Sinmun,” stated the authorities.

According to the authorities, locals were not sure why the nation’s management was so worried about the leaflets this time around.

“Disillusioned with the hereditary rule of the Kim family, young people are eager to find out how the South Koreans criticize Kim Jong Un’s maladministration in the leaflets,” he stated.

Another source, an authorities from North Hamgyong province who asked for privacy for legal factors, verified to RFA that the residents there were likewise scratching their heads over the report on escapees’ activities in South Korea.

“The Rodong Sinmun all of a sudden released a declaration by Kim Yo Jong, the First Deputy Director of the Workers’ Party of Korea,” stated the 2nd authorities.

“Although [she] is slamming the defectors’ activities and the South Korean authorities [for allowing such activities], this is the very first time that news of defectors [in South Korea] has actually been reported in Rodong Sinmun,” stated the 2nd authorities.

The North Hamgyong authorities stated that news of the leaflets came at a time when lots of residents are currently griping about their federal government.

“These days, the coronavirus crisis has caused residents to complain about the authorities,” the 2nd source stated.

“In the middle of this, Kim Yo Jong’s declaration was published in the Rodong Sinmun, which exposed to the world the contents of the anti-North Korean leaflets, and the efforts of North Korean defectors to bring info into the North,” the 2nd source stated.

Following Kim Yo Jong’s declaration, South Korean President Moon Jae- in’s administration rapidly informed the North that those who launched the leaflets would be limited and Seoul would attempt to minimize future brochure drops.

The Blue House in a declaration stated that launching leaflets into North Korea is “an activity that is truly good for nothing.”

The South’s Unification ministry likewise attracted civic groups to stop launching leaflets, however in the past, these groups have actually disregarded comparable appeals, mentioning their right to totally free speech.

Reported by Jieun Kim for RFA’s KoreanService Translated by LeejinJun Written in English by Eugene Whong.

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