Raw results: June 8, 2020

Sasha Banks & &(********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* )and The IIconics disrupted Asuka prior to her match with Charlotte Flair

Asuka &CharlotteFlair def.(************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )IIconics andSashaBanks &Bayley

Asuka &CharlotteFlair delay their match up until later on in the night to fight WWEWomen'sTagTeamChampionsSashaBanks &Bayley andThe IIconics in aTripleThreatMatchCatch WWE action on WWENetwork, FOX, U.S.A.Network,SonyIndia and more.

Despite being the least knowledgeable group in the match( and anticipating to be dealing with each other at this moment),Asuka andFlair showed to be the most concentrated group in thisTripleThreatMatchTheQueen andTheEmpress got the win whenAsuka requiredBillieKay to tap out to theAsukaLockTheir alliance was brief, nevertheless, asTheQueen dropped theRawWomen'sChampion after the bell, letting her understand that things would not be so friendly when they squared off individually later on at night.

ReyMysterio swore to makeSethRollins pay

WhenTheMondayNightMessiah disrupts his interview,ReyMysterio pledges to makeSethRollins spend for the hell he has actually required the masked guy's household to withstand.Catch WWE action on WWENetwork, FOX, U.S.A.Network,SonyIndia and more.

ReyMysterio signed up withMondayNightRaw to provide an upgrade on his status-- his physicians are not prepared to clear him, however his healing from the gruesome injurySethRollins caused is looking appealing.

However,Rollins was on hand for the interview.He informed the masked guy he had whatever incorrect and welcomed him toRaw next week to clarify.Mysterio stated he 'd be back when he was prepared and cleared, however it would not be to take a seat and talk withRollins; it would be to get retribution.But prior toRollins might let that embeded in,AleisterBlack caughtTheMondayNightMessiah and poundedRollins as the program went to business.

AleisterBlack &HumbertoCarrillo def.Murphy &AustinTheory

AleisterBlack &HumbertoCarrillo aim to stopTheMondayNightMessiah's disciples in tag group action.Catch WWE action on WWENetwork, FOX, U.S.A.Network,SonyIndia and more.

AleisterBlack &HumbertoCarrillo when again defendedMysterio's honor versusRollins' disciples and got the triumph afterBlack pinnedMurphyButTheMondayNightMessiah had latest thing.Rollins sidetracked the victors by using the mask he drew fromMysterio, permittingMurphy &Theory to release a callous attack that was topped off with aStomp toBlackRollins' message was clear:Stay out of his method or end up being the next sacrifice.

RandyOrton guaranteed to breakEdge at WWEBacklash

In the return ofChristian's“Peep Show,”TheViper makes a surprise look, swearing to endEdge's redemption story inTheGreatestWrestlingMatchEver at WWEBacklashCatch WWE action on WWENetwork, FOX, U.S.A.Network,SonyIndia and more.

What seemed a cheerful reunion of the duo that reeks of awesomeness took a fascinating turn whenChristian revealed doubt inTheRated- RSuperstar ahead ofTheGreatestWrestlingMatchEver thisSunday at WWEBacklash

But whenEdge apparently concurred with his long time pal,CaptainCharisma dug deep to inspire his previous tag group partner, lettingEdge understand that he and the WWEUniverse think he's as excellent as he's ever been.But the inspiration got under the skin ofRandyOrton, who looked for to plant doubt in his competitor, swearing to embarrassEdge and put an end to his redemption story.After this heart-to-heart withChristian, however,TheRated- RSuperstar appeared to lastly think in himself and stood in defiance ofTheViper's words.

.TheDecathlon in betweenTheStreetProfits &TheVikingRaiders ended in a 5-5 tie

The tiebreaker in the“Anything You Can Do, We Can Do Better” competitors seesMontezFord &AngeloDawkins fightErik &Ivar in a decathlon.Catch WWE action on WWENetwork, FOX, U.S.A.Network,SonyIndia and more.

With the“Anything You Can Do, We Can Do Better” series connected at 2 wins a piece,RawTagTeamChampionsTheStreetProfits andTheVikingRaiders accepted settle the rating in aDecathlonEach group got to choose 5 occasions to really check the other.

After a difficult competitors that consisted of a1600- meter dash, a sword battle(MontezFord didn't desire that smoke and surrendered), a dance-off, and turn cup, to name a few,“Air”Ivar's unexpected success in the pole vault resulted in theDecathlon ending in a 5-5 tie.With the series still deadlocked, will either of these 2 tandems show they're much better than the other?

Andrade def.Angel(****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )and KevinOwens to make aUnitedStatesChampionshipMatch at WWEBacklash

(**************************************************************************** )

KevinOwens squares off with 2 ofZelinaVega's customers in aTripleThreatMatch to identify who will challengeUnitedStatesChampionApolloCrews at WWEBacklashCatch WWE action on WWENetwork, FOX, U.S.A.Network, SonyIndia and more.

.KevinOwens got a procedure of repayment prior to the start of this fight, blindsidingAndrade andAngelGarza as they made their entryway.But when the bell called, KO discovered himself at the grace of his challengers, as they collaborated to secureOwensBut the alliance did not last long, asAndrade andGarza were quickly sniping at each other, which developed into a pushing match at ringside that sawZelinaVega get captured in the crossfire.It looked as thoughOwens had the upper hand after strikingTheLethalLothario with aStunner, howeverAndrade kickedOwens out of the method and pinned his tag group partner to make aUnitedStatesTitleMatch thisSunday at WWEBacklash

BobbyLashley & MVP def.TheVikingRaiders

WithDrew McIn tire &TheStreetProfits enjoying from ringside,BobbyLashley & MVP attempt to make a declaration at the expenditure ofErik &IvarCatch WWE action on WWENetwork, FOX, U.S.A.Network,SonyIndia and more.

It was power fulfills power whenErik &Ivar encounteredTheAllMighty & MVP.But although they had WWEChampionDrew McIn tire andTheStreetProfits cheering them on from ringside,Erik might not leaveLashley's terrifyingFullNelson

Ivar almost fulfilled the exact same fate, however he was helped byFord &Dawkins, who had problem breakingTheAllMighty's incredible grip.However, they turnedLashley him right into aClaymore from McIn tire.Will that beLashley's fate when he challenges McIn tire for the WWEChampionship thisSunday at WWEBacklash?

CharlotteFlair def.Asuka

(************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )Empress ofTomorrow andTheQueen square off one more time, with the specter ofNiaJax towering above the bout.Catch WWE action on WWENetwork, FOX, U.S.A.Network,SonyIndia and more.

Despite their loss previously in the night, WWEWomen'sTagTeamChampionsSashaBanks &Bayley signed up with the commentary group to take a more detailed take a look atThe(**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )and TheEmpress ofTomorrow fight in the primary occasion.The IIconics likewise took an eager interest in this match, enjoying from behind the plexiglass at ringside.

Neither rival kept back as they battled around ringside, whereFlair tossedAsuka over the commentators' desk, andThe IIconics assaultedBanks &Bayley

Both Superstars tossed whatever they had at each other in a compelling fight, howeverNiaJax played spoiler for her WWEBacklash challenger.As quickly asTheIrresistibleForce got here,Asuka turned her attention towards her opposition.That would beTheEmpress' undoing, as she quickly reversed ideal into a boot fromFlair that spelled triumph forTheQueenAfter the bell,Jax plantedAsuka into the canvas with a thunderousSamoanDropWill that hold true when they square off for theRaw Women'sTitle thisSunday at WWEBacklash?

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