Real Madrid and noise

A rare football. Soccer is already here, knocking on the door of our televisions. Although the competitions are halfway there, there is a strange feeling in the environment, as if football started from scratch. Even as if the time and energy concentrated in the fight against the covid-19 have devalued football rivalries. LaLiga opens with a Sevilla-Betis, which was always a Sevilla against Sevilla that made the city tremble. But as the gears of rivalry are not yet greased, except in the chicken coop of the networks, more than before a football match it seems that we are facing some floral games. A show more sensual than rabid. As if it were a rehearsal. Of course, all this only happens in the territory of perception, but if this is the feeling that we citizens have, it is easy to imagine how difficult it will be for soccer players to regain normality after so much peace and with the stands empty.

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