Remembering the last pandemic — 1918

In 2003, when the SARS virus was around, it started in the earlier part of the year and then burned itself out by July.

I know many of us were hopeful the COVID-19 situation might do the same thing.

Well … July saw a spike in the Sunshine State like we haven’t seen as of yet.

As the 1918 newspaper says, take a laxative and stay quiet, which is always good advice in any situation.

Do you really want to read another column about Zoom, Chinese hackers, the government’s response to the pandemic, Chinese apps, masks, murder hornets, Mike Tyson’s comeback, cyberattacks, presidential political polls and surveys (as those were so very helpful last time around) Gypsies stealing mopeds and selling them to the Iranians?

There’s so much weird news in 2020; it’s off the charts (in fact, we just might need a new chart).

When the history books (if any “books” are left) look back, I wonder what they will say about our nation this year.

How did we respond to this crisis?

As a nice change of pace, I thought we should look back at the last time our nation faced a global pandemic, and what we can remember (or learn) from that time.

Maybe it will serve as a reminder to keep our heads up, continue trying to do right by each other, and perhaps even be a little depressing — since this pandemic lasted…

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