“Ridiculous” downforce won’t make up for heavy cars

F1’s automotive weight has shot up underneath the turbo hybrid period, with the arrival of the Halo in 2018 additionally serving to contribute to the cars now topping 746kg.

And whereas the large energy ranges and automotive efficiency helps smash all-time lap information, Vettel nonetheless thinks the load wants to return down.

“I think the cars are phenomenal in terms of downforce: and it’s ridiculous how much downforce we have and how fast and how quick the cars are in medium speed, high-speed corners,” he instructed Motorsport.com in an unique interview.

“But in low pace you’ll be able to really feel the load. That’s one thing whenever you throw the automotive from one facet to a different within the chicane or hairpin.

“The cars are, for my part, they’re too heavy. I feel we might eliminate a few of the downforce, we do not want it, however fairly have the cars lighter. Overall, we might nonetheless be the identical lap time, in all probability even quicker.”

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Vettel thinks that even not taking away a few of the security enchancment which were launched in F1, it might be doable to get them near the 600kg weight that they had a decade in the past.

“It’s the route that occurred due to the ability unit and all the additional that comes with it,” he mentioned.

“Obviously a few of it’s security measures which you do not wish to return on, and it’s proper. I imply, the Halo alone is like 10 kilos. You might do it possibly a bit lighter, and nonetheless be as robust.

“What I’m saying is some stuff probably is fair, that we have the kilos. Other stuff? You can debate. But I think it’s worth remembering it was a great feeling to have 600-620 kilos only. Now the minimum you get to is 750kg.”

Vettel likens the sensation he want to get from F1 of how simple it’s to manoeuvre karts.

“It’s a completely different feeling, you know,” he mentioned. “If you step to a go-kart clearly the factor that surprises you most – as a result of you do not have a lot energy – however when you take the ratio, what surprises you most is the load.

“It’s the truth that there’s so little weight you’ll be able to manoeuvre the go-kart and be… as compared very, very fast.

“Obviously you have no aero, so you’re not fast enough. But that’s a little bit what we’re missing. This playing around feeling, you know. Because there’s the inertia of the mass and you just feel it.”

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