Rival AFC East coach thinks Cam Newton won’t start for Patriots

Cam Newton might not be the favorite to start for the Patriots after all, at least per a rival coach.

When the New England Patriots signed Cam Newton, he instantly became the most accomplished quarterback on the roster by a wide margin. However, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee him the starting job, as he’ll still has to compete with the likes of Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer in Training Camp.

Newton is already working out with Mohamed Sanu in hopes of getting a head start over his competition. Bill Belichick and the Patriots were previously very high on Stidham, an Auburn product entering his second season, but would they really consider playing him over a resurgent former MVP?

Could the Patriots start Jarrett Stidham over Cam Newton?

One AFC East coach seems to think that Newton is far from a sure thing to start under center Week 1 against the Dolphins in Foxborough.

Newton’s injury concerns are real, and there’s no guarantee he returns to his pre-2018 form without a hitch. At 31, Cam should be in his prime as a passer, yet his accuracy numbers, especially in the intermediate passing game, haven’t always been pristine.

Nonetheless, we should consider the source here: A rival AFC East coach thinks the Patriots won’t start Newton because…why would he? The difference between a Patriots team led by a Newton and one with Stidham at the helm is far different. One is a potential playoff contender, while the other is a massive unknown. As a Dolphins, Jets or Bills head coach, we’d much rather take our chances with the latter.

Unfortunately, Bill Belichick isn’t one to fall for mind games, so expect the Patriots to give Newton every opportunity to earn the starting job on his own terms, while continuing to mold Stidham into a future starting option. The Patriot Way isn’t always tough to figure out.