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Home Entertainment Rolling Stones’ Charlie Watts Air Drums On ‘One World’: Tweets

Rolling Stones’ Charlie Watts Air Drums On ‘One World’: Tweets

Rolling Stones’ Charlie Watts Air Drums On ‘One World’: Tweets – Hollywood Life
The world was loving Charlie playing “air drums” at the One World show this weekend – but there’s a legitimate reason he didn’t have a genuine set.The world was delighted when The Rolling Stones carried out a traditional hit for the One World: Together In your home gig this weekend.

Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts all contacted to the charity event, arranged by Lady Gaga in conjunction with International Resident and the World Health Organisation.

Carrying out separately from their own homes through web cam, the experienced band played their 1969 classic You Can’t Always Get What You Desire.

Fans were entertained to see Charlie Watts use a luggage and the side of a chair to “air drum” his part on the timeless song – playing along to a pre-recorded drum track.

” Charlie Watts gladly playing air drums for The Rolling Stones is the type of feel-good material we require,” tweeted one.

Some wondered why the legendary drummer wasn’t utilizing genuine drums. “Quite delighting in that Charlie Watts invested his entire life as the drummer for The Rolling Stones and obviously doesn’t have a set of drums in his home,” was one typical tweet.

However there’s a reason that Charlie doesn’t drum at home – his spouse doesn’t like the sound, therefore he can just play drums when he’s on trip.

In 1989, he discussed his situation in an interview: “Because of what I do I can’t play the drums at home so to play the drums I have to go on the road, and to go on the road I have to leave home and it resembles an awfully vicious cycle that’s always been my life.

” I do not like living out of travel suitcases. I dislike being away from house. I always do tours thinking they’re the last one, and at the end of them I always leave the band”

He likewise told The Guardian in 2000 that the exploring life caused concerns with his daughter Serafina. “It’s hard to be an excellent daddy when you’re away from home so much,” he mused.

The One World show saw other artists such as The Killers, Paul McCartney, Elton John and Hozier perform from another location to raise funds for the World Health Organisation’s fight versus coronavirus. The charity event has actually raised over $127 million so far.