Rudy Giuliani Is Now Working Directly For Russian Intelligence

Malcolm Nance pointed out Rudy Giuliani is currently working right for Russian intellect as he compels Biden and Ukraine conspiracy theories disguised as a documentary.

Giuliani went complete Russian conspiracy:

Russia/Ukraine track Olga Lautman tweeted:

Malcolm Nance made it obvious who Giuliani is functioning for:

Nance also cautioned that these bogus documents are a threat to America:

Rudy Giuliani is utilizing the First Amendment and bogus documentary to fit Russian espionage to the US 2020 election. Russia has gone from manipulating sociable networking to affect a election to working with Trump’s attorney.

Lindsey Graham and another Senate Republicans are not likely to lift a finger to prevent this, since the Russian performance in the USA is how they are going to remain in power.

That is not Rudy Guiliani doing mad things. It is the private lawyer for the President Of The United States of America working together with the Russians to tainted and rig the 2020 election for Donald Trump.

For much more discussion about this narrative combine our Rachel Maddow and MSNBC group.

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