Rusev and Lana signed their divorce papers

GREENVILLE, S.C. — At the end, it had been roughly as amicable as you might have asked for involving the 2 parties involved. It was just the third party who caused difficulties.

Despite having an epic shouting game, a debate over who maintained the puppy, and Lana’s rampant accusations which the WWE Universe was at fault for the dissolution of a union, Lana and Rusev signed their divorce documents, but Rusev desired something in return. No, he did not want Lana to quit calling him a monster. He did not even receive a guarantee he’d continue to keep the dog. What he desired, above everything, was a game with Bobby Lashley — exactly the exact same Bobby Lashley who appeared at the center of the registering and attempted to rub salt at Rusev’s wounds by promising to marry Lana himself after the divorce had been finalized. The Super Athlete did not even attempt to battle Lashley on this one –“She is all yours!” He yelped — he insisted on getting the opportunity to battle Lashley from the ring in any sort of game The All Mighty desired.

It was just then Rusev threw hands with Lashley, and he got the better of this two-time Intercontinental Champion using a belly-to-belly suplex throughout the divorce desk — a movement, which, strangely enough, could well be a indication of things to come from the game he finally obtained.

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