Scarlett Johansson Jokes About Colin Jost Engagement In ‘SNL’ Monologue – That & More Highlights HERE!

The people at Saturday Night Live chosen to keep everything in the household (type of) with this weekend’s brand new episode, by using celebrity Scarlett Johansson — who is engaged to Colin Jost, duh — host the brand new episode!

In doing this, the film star had a little fun needling that the Weekend Update co-host and productive show author, because you can see in her new new monologue (previously )! Considering it is currently the sixth period that the A-lister has hosted the series, she is not just new to this… and she managed the entire night just nice!

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Although the monologue itself rapidly devolved into eccentric (and somewhat dated?)  Marvel land prior to a hilarious exchange between the oft-absent Pete Davidson, ScarJo finally brought back things by being true about just how much the series actually meant to her. Plus it did not hurt that she traded a cute little kiss with Jost near the end of her monologue! Both of these are so freakin’ adorable, are not they?!

However it was interesting they never actually touched any of the actresses’ more recent controversies. Understandable, we assume, assuming the authors (Jost included) might opt to keep this a safe location to your own 35-year old, but still… it is a bit interesting they did not have a little fun with something at the region, ya know?!

But alas…

Hey, along with this lovey-dovey opener itself, you can have a look at the remainder of ScarJo’s SNL clips from last night, all emphasized and ready for you to see in total (under ):

Very, very funny, really!

ScarJo is an old pro at this, what do we say?!

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Speaking of this mythical Lost in Translation celebrity, however, here is all of the work her cute better half put in final night on his mid-show mainstay, Weekend Update, too (under ):

Consistently topical and humorous! Tightly written, well thought out… as well as a lot of Donald Trump!

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Apart from all ScarJo and Jost-related, however, there were some other SNL skits of notice the fans enjoyed the same — such as last night’s cold available, which you’ll be able to observe (below) and a few more:

So good!!!

Forget about the six-time host and the show’s skits to get no less than a moment, however, since last night’s musical guest made important waves acting live, also!

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Former One Management group member Niall Horan was the guest artist tasked with playing with two tracks last night, and he’d just fine out by himself!  Harry Styles could be the only courting most of the media attention at this time, however as you can see (below), Niall did not exactly disappoint as it was his time to flip on the lights, either!

Beautiful! )

Well, there you have it, Perezcious readers! That is all for this week’s highlights, skits, and much more on Saturday Night Live!

What did U think of last night’s series, y’all?? Audio OFF with all your remarks about it and then a few in the remark section (under )! We would like to hear from U!!!

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