Senator Kennedy Says Squad’s ‘BREATHE Act’ Belongs In A Shredder, ‘They’re Marxists’

Senator John Kennedy, a Republican from Louisiana, dismissed the Squad’s current anti-police legislation, calling them “Marxists” and stating the costs belongs in a shredder.

The BREATHE Act was introduced with fantastic excitement previously today byRep Rashida Tlaib, together with assistance from fellow Squad memberRep Ayanna Pressley, and artist John Legend.

It was established and composed by the Electoral Justice Project for the Movement for Black Lives (M4BL), a group that looks for to “abandon” authorities, jails, and any kind of penalty for crooks.

Aside from defunding the authorities, Tlaib’s legislation likewise looks for to defund the Defense Department, offer reparations, close all federal jails, eliminate authorities from schools, and open all American borders.

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Into the Shredder

Speaking with Fox News’ Trace Gallagher, Kennedy quipped that the Squad’s costs, a lawbreaker’s dream come to life, made it appear like they were contending in the “woke Olympics.”

“I have looked at the congresswomen’s bill,” he stated. “It is clearly a serious effort to compete in the woke Olympics. I would give it a 9.7.”

Kennedy then described that the only location the legislation belongs remains in the garbage.

“As an American who feels gratitude, not hatred for my country though, the only way I know how to improve their bill is with a shredder,” he continued.

Kennedy included that the Squad “have the right to say what they want,” however kept in mind no one else in the Senate is “taking it very seriously.”

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Blasts The Squad

Aside from Kennedy’s funny bone, he likewise has a flair for spelling things out in basic terms. Terms that even members of the Squad can comprehend.

He did simply that, diminishing a list of factors he, as a Republican, has more love for America than they will ever have.

“I believe in free enterprise,” Kennedy described. “They’re Marxists. I believe in equal opportunity. They believe in government-guaranteed equal outcome. They don’t believe in the Second Amendment. I believe that love is the answer but I also want a handgun just in case.”

He went on: “They hate cops just because they are cops. I don’t. They think most Americans are racist. I don’t, I’m proud of the fact that we passed 20 civil rights bills and amendments.”

Kennedy ended the sector by forecasting the costs would not go extremely far.

Doesn’ t that depend upon what occurs in November though? People appear to be forgetting that Biden is leading in the surveys since today. Some outlets are forecasting the Democrats might restore control of the Senate.

Now, should you think these surveys? Not always. But is it worth gambling on the future of our nation? A Biden presidency together with a Democrat bulk in both Houses of Congress?

If that occurs, God assist us. You will actually view legislation like the BREATHE Act end up being law. And it will be the only law left in America that the left will in fact follow.