Shaq’s Lakers Would Beat Jordan’s Bulls

Shaquille O’Neal “was right” in claiming he would have made the distinction in a hypothetical matchup between his three-peat Lakers in opposition to Michael Jordan‘s Bulls that gained six titles in eight years through the 1990s, in response to Magic Johnson.

“The Bulls had no great centers,” says Johnson, who led Los Angeles to 5 championships within the 1980s.

Magic provides that Kobe Bryant and Jordan would “cancel each other out,” however that Scottie Pippen “couldn’t do what Shaq could do.”

Per AM 570 LA Sports and Essentially Sports:

Magic’s response: “The Bulls had no great centers, what Shaq would have done to those guys it would have been unfair. Shaq was right it would have been unfair. The Lakers role players were better also.”

Magic was very clear and he stated, “Well I think that Shaq would’ve been the difference because we all know that Kobe and Michael would’ve cancelled each other out. So if Jordan got 40, Kobe was going to get 40. Because one thing about Kobe, he was not going to give into anybody. I don’t care who it was. And, he patterned his game after Michael.”

Magic added to why he helps Shaq’s assertion is due to the position gamers in Lakers of the 00s: “One guy Scottie Pippen. But see Scottie couldn’t do what Shaq could do.”

Johnson additionally stated, “It would have been fun to see them.”

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