Slack’s new notification schedules give you your weekends back

Slack has become letting you choose when you get notifications on a per-day basis, meaning you can finally stop getting Slack pings within the weekend.

Previously, Slack let you set when you were “available” to get notifications, but those preferences would also roll up to the weekends. That meant you could easily get Slack distracting and unnecessary notifications on your computer or phone while you were enjoying an otherwise lazy Sunday.

Now, though, you’ll be able to set when you are comfortable getting notifications but switch on a blanket no-notification policy for weekends (or whichever days/times work best for your schedule) if you want.

When you have notifications turned off, you’ll be in Slack’s Do Not Disturb (DND) mode, meaning other users in your Slack workspace will see just a little “z” to the dot close to your name indicating your status. While in DND, if you open Slack, you’ll still see red badges on channels where you or perhaps a keyword of yours is mentioned and for any direct messages, but you won’t receive a notification about those messages. (If they need to, though, people can still send you a notification while you’re in DND by direct messaging you and forcing Slack to send one.)

If you want to more finely-tune your Slack notifications, here’s how exactly to do so.

On the desktop app:

  1. Click on the arrow near your Slack organization’s name, then mouse over “Pause notifications.” In the menu that arises, click “Set a notification schedule.”
  2. In the menu that opens up, under the “Allow notifications” header, you will have a dropdown menu that lets you select if you desire to allow notifications every day, only on weekdays, or on a custom schedule. There are also dropdown menus to let you pick what times you’re ok getting notifications.

On the mobile apps:

  1. Tap the “You” icon on the far-right of the toolbar, after which tap “Notifications”
  2. In the Notifications menu, tap on “Notification Schedule.”
  3. Next, tap on “Allow notifications,” and you’ll manage to select if you need to get notifications each day, only on weekdays, or on a custom schedule.

That’s it! And once you’ve create your preferences, they should sync across your devices. Hopefully, customizing these settings can reduce the amount of notifications you get when you don’t want to get them, and you can enjoy weekends without any Slack notifications.