Sony Xperia 1 II has two Sony and two Samsung sensors, UFS 3.0 storage

The Xperia 1 II schedules later on this year and in spite of being main, there are some information that are still unidentified. The electronic camera equipment, for one – we understood the specifications of the video cameras, however we really did not understand what sensors are made use of.

Well, we do currently, many thanks to a gadget, evaluated in the wild. The primary electronic camera – 12 MP 24 mm f/17 – has a Sony IMX557 sensing unit. The ultrawide – 12 MP 16 mm f/2.2 – utilizes a Sony IMX363 sensing unit. The telephoto – 12 MP 70 mm f/2.4 – utilizes a Samsung ISOCELL S5K3T2. And the 8MP 24 mm f/2.0 selfie electronic camera is the Samsung- made S5K4H7 sensing unit.

You can locate details concerning the IMX363 and the ISOCELL S5K3T2, however not concerning the IMX557 Judging by its name, it needs to be really comparable to the IMX555, which is the sensing unit behind the Galaxy S20/ S20+’ primary electronic camera. That sensing unit procedures 1/176- inch, which would certainly make the Sony Xperia 1 II’s 1/17- inch sensing unit a little bigger.

The IMX557 isn’t made use of in any type of various other phone and can extremely well end up being exxclusive to the Xperia 1 II.

Sony Xperia 1 II uses two Sony sensors and two Samsung, has UFS 3.0 storage

The various other details that has appeared from the system in the wild is an Androbench examination of the Xperia 1 II’s storage rate. Judging by the outcomes, the Xperia 1 II is utilizing UFS 3.0 storage.

UFS 3.0 storage has really quick consecutive read rates and excellent consecutive create rates (although create on a smart device with UFS 3.1 storage is greater than two times as quick).

Sony Xperia 1 II uses two Sony sensors and two Samsung, has UFS 3.0 storage

The Sony Xperia 1 II will certainly load a great deal of Sony’s electronic camera experience, like Eye autofocus (both human and pet) in both the primary and the ultrawide video cameras, the opening night setting on an Xperia gadget and a brand-new 3x telephoto electronic camera. The Xperia 1 II schedules in Q2, valued at $1,200


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