Stomach-churning turbulence leaves passengers screaming & praying on flight from Riyadh (VIDEO) — RT World News

Passengers on an IndiGo flight from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia were terrified when their plane experienced severe turbulence moments before landing in Srinagar, the greatest city in Jammu & Kashmir.

Video footage recorded inside the aircraft shows the chaos on board, as people scream and cry while the plane rocks and drops significantly.

Frightened passengers on IndiGo flight 6E9822 grab onto the shaking seats and pray and wail as the cabin crew continues to make announcements. 

The plane “shook dangerously, which panicked passengers, especially the elderly who lost their balance despite having seatbelts on,” one of those on board later told The Mirror. 

Many of the people on the flight were Kashmiris who had been stranded in Saudi Arabia due to the coronavirus lockdown, and individuals were wearing masks or visors. 

The IndiGo aircraft managed to land safely at Srinagar International Airport, the Kashmir Monitor reports, much to the relief of the on board, who celebrated and offered prayers of thanks.

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