Students lose university places as racist videos emerge

Two recent graduates of a prestigious New Jersey private school had their college acceptances rescinded and yet another was kicked off a university football team after viral videos showed them mocking George Floyd, using racial slurs, and poking fun at African Americans. 
Adam Giaquinto, Nathan Panza, and a third unidentified student were set to begin their freshman academic years this coming fall at the University of Richmond, Cornell University, and Colgate, respectively, after graduating from the Morristown-Beard School.
But the unidentified female and Giaquinto were informed that their acceptances were rescinded, while Panza lost his just right Cornell’s football team.

Adam Giaquinto (left) and Nathan Panza (right), who were classmates at a prestigious New Jersey private high school, were seen on a Snapchat video that went on the web Sunday utilising the n-word and mocking George Floyd

Giaquinto, Panza, and a third unidentified student were set to begin their freshman academic years this coming fall at the University of Richmond, Cornell University, and Colgate, respectively, after graduating from the Morristown-Beard School (above)

All three are graduates of Morristown-Beard, an exclusive high school that charges students annual tuition of some $44,000.
Two videos – certainly one of which included Panza and Giaquinto together and the other which showed the unidentified student – went viral, prompting online petitions demanding that the three universities drop their acceptances.
MBS released a statement this week condemning the ‘inappropriate and unacceptable behavior of a few individuals whose actions do not represent the MBS community.’
‘Our School’s policies usually do not tolerate racism or discrimination of any sort,’ the statement read.
‘This unfortunate incident is a reminder of the work that still needs to be done by us as a school and as a nation.’
At around 1am on Sunday, video surfaced on Snapchat showing Panza and Giaquinto apparently smoking and drinking while spending time with two other friends.
Existence of the video was reported by TMZ. 
After the video went viral, Cornell University dropped Panza (above) from the football team

In February, Panza (seen in the middle seat), who was a star running back in senior high school, signed a letter of intent to play at Cornell

Giaquinto, who is holding the cellular phone, records while Panza is heard building a racial slur and a reference to George Floyd, the 46-year-old black man who died in police custody in Minneapolis on May 25.
Giaquinto is then heard repeating the slur as another teens laugh.
The video quickly went viral. Shortly afterward, Panza, a running back from Morristown, New Jersey, was disinvited to the college football team, The Cornell Daily Sun reported.
Panza signed a letter of intent on February 5 investing play for Cornell. He was a star football player in high school, earning All-Morris County honors after rushing for over 1,200 yards and scoring 17 touchdowns this past season.
When Panza signed his letter of intent to play at Cornell, MBS posted something on its web page announcing the recruitment.
But that item has since been deleted.
Now there are growing calls on the web for Cornell to rescind its acceptance of Panza altogether.
Cornell’s athletic director, Adam Noel, told TMZ that Panza would not be suiting up for Big Red.  
‘After viewing it, head football coach, David Archer, made the decision to rescind the individual’s offer to join the team in the fall,’ Noel says.
‘There is no room for this behavior in Cornell Athletics.’ 
The University of Richmond released a statement on Wednesday announcing that it could not accept Giaquinto

‘A video was taken of me using a word that is offensive and hurtful,’ Panza said in a statement that he gave to the Cornell campus newspaper in which that he asked the Ivy League school for a second chance.
‘The word features a long history of cruelty for the black community and is just wrong.
‘I am heartbroken I have hurt people; those I know and people I do maybe not.
‘I take full responsibility for my actions.’
Panza added: ‘I plan to better educate myself on the difficulties of racism and injustice in America, as I do want to be part of the answer and not the issue.
‘The label “racist” is not something I can live with and I will work to prove that every day for the others of my entire life.
‘It is my humble hope that I will come out of this incident as a better ally, better friend and better person.’
‘One word does not define me as a man or human being and I can only hope that the Cornell Community will allow me the opportunity to make the appropriate amends and give me that second chance,’ he said.
Panza is scheduled to begin with his freshman year at Cornell’s Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management. 
The University of Richmond in Virginia also announced on Wednesday that it revoked Giaquinto’s admission.
‘The University of Richmond yesterday rescinded an offer of admission to an incoming student who posted an offensive and racially charged video on social media that did not reflect the University’s values or its commitment to a thriving and inclusive community,’ the statement read.
‘The University of Richmond remains steadfastly committed to fostering a thriving, inclusive community, and to our enduring values of diversity, inclusivity, and equity,’ the university said.
Later on Sunday, yet another MBS graduate, the unidentified female posted a video on TikTok that soon went viral on Instagram.
MBS released a statement this week condemning the ‘inappropriate and unacceptable behavior of a few individuals whose actions do not represent the MBS community’

It showed her doing an explore Google for ‘African Americans.’
The video then zooms into the ‘shopping’ tab. She is then seen saying: ‘Get in loser, we’re going shopping.’
That quote is a line from the most popular 2004 film Mean Girls.
The caption in the video reads: ‘it’s bull crap please don’t come at me.’
An on the web petition demanded that Colgate University revoke her acceptance.
‘We immediately started an investigation…and considered both its message and its potential impact,’ Colgate President Brian Casey said in a statement posted to the university’s internet site.
‘As a result of this review and consistent with both our processes and our principles, the University has revoked our offer of admission to the individual in question, who will not be joining our community in the fall.’
Casey also addressed another racist video posted by a Colgate student, saying ‘the level of ignorance shown in these videos is appalling.’
‘In a time when we have seen people across the world rightfully outraged by the recent killings of George Floyd and countless other black men and women and we see nearly every institution in the country looking at the nature and effect of systemic racism, these videos evince a level of cruelty that is staggering,’ he said.
An on the web petition demanding her acceptance be rescinded garnered near to 2,300 signatures as of Friday afternoon. 
Meanwhile, yet another online petition claims that three female students from MBS were recorded on a video uploaded to social media showing them singing the n-word. has reached out to MBS for discuss the matter.
Since the videos emerged, MBS has taken steps to 
The two videos prompted the New Jersey school to possess its own reckoning on race, according to NJ Advance Media.
The administrators sent a letter to current and former black students asking them to recount their experiences and provide their input as to how the institution can become more ‘anti-racist.’
The school also has plans to hire a ‘consultant on cultural competency’ – that is an official who usually advises academic institutions on making a more welcoming atmosphere for diverse faculty and students.
The school will send a letter to parents that will include recommendations for reform, according to NJ Advance Media.