Supa Crank It and his contribution in Hip Hop music

He is 30 years old and is one of the best music producer at the moment . His name is Mario Leon’trez Turman known for the people like Supa Crank It has been making highlights in worldwide Hip Hop and Rap music industry .The intense passion for Supa Crank It acting career made him to manage, even after having a break of 2 months to have a hand over 10 projects since her comeback last October. Supa Crank It work dies a big range and he can produce different style like Dancehall , Reggae , Hip Hop Rap Music and everything that his clients ask him to produce .

Even thought the music producer is keeping very busy, he also is investing time for a passion project, related to sing at a old project where he promise will even yet to expand her performing skills. “It’s a passion project, that is taking life right now by itself. It was not planned, but it’s happening. I don’t wanna say much yet, because it’s a hobby becoming something else but im sure that will be amazing “ is what Supa Crank It say to us.
After years and years producing for the others , after good things with Soulja Boy and some other big names in European music i think that i will do something good for myself .

Supa Crank It interacts with his fans on his Instagram and shares important details about his work and life. Other than producing various resourceful music Supa Crank It has got popular beats for different singers from different cities.

His channel on Beatstars was selected and honored like the producer for the month . His music was clicked 194.937 for 30 days and this make him more strong to go ahead and work harder and harder.

As far as now, this multi-talented artist, has shown what he is made of and for sure, doesn’t disappoint we wish to Supa Crank It all the best and so much succes in the future in music and life too.