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SHREVEPORT, La– Tabetha Jackson is offering a brand-new significance to the claiming one-man-band. She’s is a one-woman-band collaborating with SWEPCO.

Jackson is a troubleshooter as well as functions by herself. So what does a troubleshooter do? Fixes electrical power issues instantly. If it’s a larger issue that Jackson can not repair by herself, she would certainly refer the issue to a staff. But being your very own submitted manager can include a rate.

“It’s fun and sometimes it can be boring cause you’re by yourself but it’s not bad. I like it,” stated Jackson

Tabetha Jackson working with the lines

Tabetha Jackson working with lines.

SWEPCO has around 600 field workers as well as think it or otherwise Jackson is the onlyfemale She signed up with SWEPCO 13 years back as well as remembers it was a little tough being the only female.

“Getting to know the guys, you know, at first you’re kind of nervous but they are like your brothers in the end so it’s a big old family,” she clarified.

She states the key to enter into the wolf pack is offering each various other a difficult time.

“You give them crap and they’ll give you crap back, and you kind of just blend in with them. I look at them like my brothers because they try to protect me somewhat so it’s good,” Jackson stated.

Typically, there are simply a couple of women operating in this line of task. So what obtained Jackson hooked? Her family members.

“I started out 20 years ago working with a contract crew with my family. We were all family in one crew,” she stated.

Back after that, she was additionally the only female in the staff. She collaborated with her father, sibling as well as 2 uncles.

Jackson fell for the adrenaline as well as approximately today wants what she does. She stated being a female has actually never ever held her back.

“Here I am. I’m doing it too, so if anybody out there wants to do it they’re more than welcome. Just a little bit of determination and tough skin,” stated Jackson.

And also a few of the individuals claim Jackson obtains it right the very first time which is why they desire much more girls to sign up with the group.

SWEPCO's only female field employee

“I don’t like to go back for a second time so I try to do everything the first time,” she stated happily.

Jackson recognizes she can be intense occasionally, however the individuals appreciate her impressive individuality.

“Thanks to my colleague for tolerating me generally,” she stated

SWEPCO is currently wanting to employ individuals for the troubleshooter setting. If you wish to discover more browse through,

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