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Israeli courts are like dense forests run by wolves – Middle East Monitor

The Israeli High Court of Justice decided after six years of deliberations on the case of the rearrest of prisoners released as part of...

Indonesia Makes Arrests Over Scheme to Smuggle in Corpses From Chinese Boat

Police arrested two officials from a recruiting agency on suspicion of trying to bring in undetected the corpses...

Spain bans OUTDOOR smoking and shuts nightclubs & discos as Covid-19 cases spike —...

Madrid has rolled out a new set of anti-coronavirus measures, shutting down some public venues and...

Israel-UAE agreement a meek version of the historic Mideast deal Trump pledged

Yes, it is historic, but it is only an illusion of the peace President Trump vowed he'd deliver. Back in January this year Trump announced...

Vietnam Appeals Court Upholds 10-Year Sentence for RFA Blogger

A court in Vietnam’s capital Hanoi on Friday upheld the 10-year sentence imposed earlier this year on an...

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