Tashonna Ward left ER to find another hospital and died 2 hours later

After waiting greater than 2 hours, the 25- year-old left and went to look for aid at an immediate treatment, the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner claimed in a record. She broken down by her vehicle as quickly as she came to the immediate treatment, and was noticable dead not long after.

Her household desires to recognize why it took as long for her to obtain clinical aid.

“I really don’t think they cared about my daughter,” her mommy, Yolanda Ward, informed CNN associate WDJT. “She should not have been waiting out there that long.”

Hospital arrival: 4: 58 p.m.

The more youthful Ward came to the Froedtert Hospital emergency clinic in Milwaukee on January2 It was 4: 58 p.m.

She was there for 2 hours and 29 mins, the clinical supervisor’s record claimed. During that time, she obtained an electrocardiogram (EKG), which was typical, and a breast X-ray that revealed she had cardiomegaly– a bigger heart.

Ward had a losing the unborn baby in March, after the umbilical cable twisted around her infant’s neck, and had actually been informed she would certainly created a bigger heart throughout the maternity, the clinical supervisor’s record claimed.

It’s uncertain whether she would certainly had the bigger heart the whole time because the maternity. Cardiomegaly can be triggered by temporary stress and anxiety on the body such as maternity, or a clinical problem like the weakening of the heart muscular tissue, coronary artery illness and heart shutoff issues.

Emergency area leave: 7: 27 p.m.

Around 7: 27 p.m., distressed by the long haul, Ward left the ER and headed to an immediate treatment with her sis searching for faster clinical aid.

“She didn’t even have a band on her wrist (when I picked her up) so she was never even processed in,” her sis, Brianna Ward, informed the associate. “All they did was take her to the back, do chest X-rays, send her back in the lobby. She was never even admitted.”

While at the hospital, Ward uploaded messages on Facebook slamming the long haul, the associate reported.

Hospital’s telephone call: 8: 39 p.m.

About a hr later, at 8: 39 p.m., the hospital called her phone to examine her.

Her sis informed the customer that Ward had actually broken down by their vehicle as quickly as they came to the immediate treatment, and got on the back to the hospital in a rescue, according to the record.

“I need them to explain this to me, why they didn’t treat my daughter when she was there,” her mommy informed the associate.

Return to emergency clinic: 9: 07 p.m.

By the moment she came to 9: 07 p.m., Ward was less competent. She was noticable dead mins later– at 9: 25 pm. The reason of fatality was hypertensive heart disease and the way of fatality was all-natural, according to the clinical supervisor’s workplace.

The hospital decreased to give information, pointing out client personal privacy legislations.

“The family is in our thoughts and has our deepest sympathy,” hospital representative Steve Schooff informed CNN.

Ward’s family members claimed they are having a hard time to come to terms with the disaster, and they’re really hoping to find out what took place to the precious daycare instructor that liked kids.

“We ask that those who hear about Tashonna’s story continue to keep us in prayer, as this is still overwhelming and unbelievable,” her household claimed in a declaration. “We are wracked by grief, yet we are grasping to find answers.”

The household’s lawyers claimed they’re functioning to obtain even more info on her fatality. “The issues surrounding this tragedy involve more than just the Ward family, as they are issues that pose a threat to us all,” lawyer B’Ivory LaMarr claimed in a declaration.

CNN’s Natalie Andes added to this record.

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