Team 18 completes 2020 Supercars line-up

Fiore moves into the Holden team following six seasons at a co-driver function at Kelly Racing, partnering Michael Caruso for five years prior to teaming up with Garry Jacobson to get 2019.

Fiore and Pye have worked together before; the group have been LD Motorsport teammates back 2013, Fiore’s final year as a Supercars full-timer.

Team 18’s 2020 line-up is now complete, with James Golding already supported alongside Mark Winterbottom, as Steve Richards moves right into a management role with the group.

“I’m thrilled to be joining Team 18,” said Fiore.

“Following a tour of this workshop and meeting the majority of the team, it is clear to me [owner] Charlie [Schwerkolt] has set everything set up for Team 18 to triumph.

“I am actually looking forward to pairing with Scott too. We were teammates 2013 and that I respect what he has managed to reach since then.

“I really need to thank Mark [Winterbottom] for originally reaching out and beginning the conversation with Steve and Charlie.”

Schwerkolt added that Fiore’s experience made him the perfect candidate for the chair.

“Dean has had a very good performance in his past endurance efforts, so it is quite exciting to have him join the group together with Scotty,” he explained.

“They’re ex-teammates so that I think they will truly work well together from the Enduro Cup for its very first season using our new instant entrance.”

The significant backer of the group’s next car is yet to be declared.

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