Technology-Centric Healthcare is Here to Stay, Thanks to COVID-19

It seems so simplistic to talk about the way we used to deliver healthcare, in a pre-COVID-19 world. We moved around in close proximity to our patients and delivered care mainly up close and in person. But, technology-centric healthcare is here to stay thanks to COVID-19.

Technology-Centric Healthcare

There have been people ushering in new technologies like telemedicine for decades, but the reality is we didn’t see mass adoption or implementation until a global pandemic hit.

The way we do nearly everything has been altered in some way, and we are seeing the quick adoption of digital health technologies across the healthcare continuum in an effort to stop the spread of the virus.

Once we get to a place where we are no longer laser-focused on fighting the spread, our attention will turn to a new way of delivering care in a post-COVID-19 world.

The new way of delivering healthcare is going to be a lot different than what we’ve been used to — or even what we are used to.

Why is this moment in healthcare so different?

We’ve talked about shifts in healthcare before. There is no shortage of predictions about the tech trends that will change healthcare, such as augmented reality and wearable devices.

This time is different. Take telehealth as an example.

Although it has been around for decades, doctors have not been quick to use it. In fact, 2019 – way back before the coronavirus was a reality – saw only 28% of physicians using telehealth to deliver care.


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