Ted Lieu Rips Donald Trump’s Xenophobic Coronavirus Rhetoric In Blistering Op-Ed

Lieu– in a column for The Washington Post entitled “Trump is stoking xenophobic panic in a time of crisis”– described just how the head of state’s persistence on making use of the term “causes harm both to Asian Americans and to the White House’s response to this life-threatening pandemic.”

“I cannot stand idly by while the president uses his pulpit to exacerbate xenophobia in a time of crisis,” he composed.

Lieu unmasked Trump’s case that he is “just trying to be accurate” by explaining where the dilemma stemmed, keeping in mind “there is a difference between saying the virus is from China and saying it is a Chinese virus.”

Lieu kept in mind just how World Health Organization standards encourage leaders versus making use of geographical areas to call contagious conditions to stay clear of stigmatization, as well as recommended Trump’s rhetoric had actually added to a variety of attacks on Asian Americans.

“For the president to continue using rhetoric that the Chinese find insulting is not helpful. It is not one country’s problem to solve,” Lieu ended. “We are in a worldwide, life-threatening pandemic, and we all need to work together. I wish the president could set aside his xenophobia for the moment while we try to keep Americans from dying.”