Terrifying moment bear attacks Uber driver’s car to protect her cub from being run over on dark road

Terrifying moment bear attacks Uber driver’s car to protect her cub from being run over on dark road

Mother bear ran at and attacked Uber driver’s car as they drove down dark road  
Driver tried to avoid hitting animal and her cub in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia
The car had an outline of the bear’s paw on the front and the bonnet was scuffed
Brown and Himalayan bears are common in area and known to cause problems 

A protective mother bear jumped out and attacked a car to stop her cub being run over by an Uber during a night-time drive. 
A flash of the large animal’s eyes is visible in the exact distance as the car veers onto the other side of the road in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia, to avoid it but the startled creature still launches an attack on the car. 
The bear runs at it and stands on its hind legs with its front paws on the bonnet, stopping the car dead and scaring the amazed Uber driver. 
The mother bear begins running  out from the darkness at the Uber in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia, earlier this week

It jumps up at the front of the car, bringing it to a whole stop, and places its paws on the bonnet

She and her cub then create a run for this across the other side of the road to safety and the driver continues on his drive. 
When they get out to inspect the damage you will find clear outlines of the bear’s paw prints and scuffs from its claws on the bonnet. 
The driver said these were travelling at approximately 100-110kmph (62-68mph) if they saw a flash of eyes and began to slow down if they saw a silhouette. 
They told Viral Hog: ‘I thought that it might cross the road and would not touch me however it attacked the car. 
Her cub quickly emerges from the darkness and crosses the road to safety thanks to its mothers’s protection

The outline of the bear’s paw was plainly visible on the front of the car, the bonnet was scuffed and the quantity plate was damaged

‘The bear scratched the windshield, scratched the hood and fender and bent the frame of the car number plate.’
It is not clear what kind of bear attacked the car early in the day this week but brown and Himalayans are commonly within the area. 
Bears have already been known to cause issues in town in the past, including one brown bear which dug into a grave and stole the recently buried corpse of a guy.
The bear was found and shot, but the human body has not been found.